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I snapped a photo of this meal of pastel de choclo and avocado salad when I visited the small pottery town of Pomaire. I made half of my recipe in a glass baking bowl, and the other half into individual-sized portions in a muffin pan. In a medium-sized baking dish, layer ground beef, raisins, hard-boiled egg, and black olives.
I made this last night and although I loved the flavours, the top didn’t go brown and bubbly which drew me to the recipe in the first place.

Hi Melanie, sorry to hear that the dish didn’t turn out as brown and bubbly as you would have wanted! Mediterranean salad recipe, a delicious and easy summer salad recipe from Spain with extra virgin olive oil, fresh cheese, eggs and oregano! Add lettuce, red cabbage, Cherry tomatoes, fresh cheese, hard-boiled eggs and sweet corn in a salad bowl. Transfer corn mixture into a large saucepan and add butter, sugar, and salt and pepper, then heat.

And if you’re interested, send me a photo of your dish and I’ll put it on my Facebook page!
Try baking at 400 degrees instead, and try placing under the broiler for the last minute or so.

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