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For vegetables, they were limited to whatever they could gather from the surrounding area or grow in small plots. Soul food tends to be simple in preparation and presentation, high in fat, carbohydrates, calories and sodium - but even higher in satisfying your hunger and your soul. Mac and Cheese with everything from truffles to lobster have hit menus across the nation, as well as Shrimp and Grits being served in almost every brew pub and white table restaurant from New York to LA. Here is a list of dishes and ingredients often considered to be Soul Food as published in an article by the African American Registry (a Non-Profit Education Organization) on February 24th, 1992. Although you will not find all these items served in the Dining Rooms, you will see many of them.

The endless hard work that was demanded every day required a diet that would sustain and provide energy. Pigs' feet, hocks, and intestines, along with chicken gizzards, hearts, and necks were some of the meats available.
Wild greens including dandelion, chicory, mustard, and pokeweed were staples, along with hearty root vegetables such as turnips and beets. The dishes that were created during this time are still common today in African American culture and in many cultures across the US. Visit the online menus and look for soul-satisfying foods during Black History Month and throughout the year.

Other wild animals such as squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and opossum were available as well - if they could catch them. Attempts to refine some of these dishes have been popular in the culinary world over recent years. Students living in the residence halls can access weekly menus on the VOIP phones in their rooms.

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