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This recipe is my version of the ghee roast, it is not as fiery hot as the one I have had in Mangalore, it is toned down and a very tasty version which is much simpler to prepare as well. Mangalore falls under the rich and bountiful Konkan region of the South-West coast of India. Pork Bafat, DukraMaas is a wonderfully spicy and flavourful hot traditional Mangalorean Pork curry.
Mangalore owing to its Coastal location is known for its bountiful fish and Mangaloreans for their love of making and eating fish. Meanwhile, stir remaining 3 tablespoons butter, soy sauce, and mirin (or substitute store-bought teriyaki sauce for soy sauce and mirin) in a small saucepan over medium heat until melted and smooth.
Pork loin, Mixed dried fruit bits, Dark brown sugar and 17 more.. Applewood-smoked bacon slices, cut into 1-inch pieces and 17 more.. Cornstarch, Chicken broth, Soy sauce, Pepper and 7 more..
Whole chicken breasts, bone in, skin on (4 split ) and 18 more..

Whole trout (6 to 10 oz), Flour, Eggs, beaten, Breadcrumbs and 13 more..
Bone-in chicken breast half (7 oz), Salt, Pepper and 8 more.. Giblets from a turkey, Salt, Ground black pepper and 8 more.. Butter or margarine, Onion, chopped, Chopped celery and 10 more.. Butter, Onion, chopped, Celery rib, finely chopped and 21 more.. Bread, italian, thick, Mayonnaise (or miracle whip) and 8 more.. Uncooked rice, Onion, fine dice, Butter, White pepper and 4 more.. Vine-ripened tomatoes, Cucumber, Red onion, Capers and 6 more..
Onion, finely chopped, Garlic clove, crushed, Soya sauce and 7 more..

It is a sought after delicacy, prepared using pure ghee or clarified butter and a wonderful blend of ground simple spices. It does not involve grinding to make the spice paste or masala, which I think helps when you are constrained for time!!
I didn't have curry leaves and another of the spices, but it still was soooooooooo good. I will keep visiting your blog for more mangalorean recepies, coz I stay away from home too & I keep craving for mangalorean food all the time. All the pictures and contents on Tickle My Senses are protected by Copyright Law and should not be reproduced, published or displayed without the prior written permission from me. Take out prawns one by one and place into the heated ghee (shake off excess marinade from the prawns, let it drip back into the bowl, keep aside). Information on Tickle My Senses is not to be used in any form of publishing on other websites, commercial purposes or other media without explicit permission from me.

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