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Gujarati Thali (platter) is my contribution to "Regional Cuisine of India", a event started by Lakshmi from "veggie cuisine" and Mythili from "Vindu" blog is hosting this RCI event this month showcasing the beautiful state of Gujarat. Thanks girls, glad you liked the thali, it was delicious!:))Indo, Marlon Brando was struggling for money at the end of his life in US, started acting in B grade films just to make money. You amaze me Asha..Just out of curiosity, how much time does it take you to come up with an entire spread like this, and then posting it ??
I still am In a fix on what to send for this event..You have such a wonderful spread there!
A Surati House wife generally takes a great joy and pride in preparing the gujarati recipies.
Gujarati recipes are different from other kinds of regional Indian recipes, where small amount of sweetness is added in almost all the dishes. Enjoy special collection of trusted gujarati recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by community.
Mom used to make that a lot, and its something you will find in alternate home of Gujarat :) .
It was not in that book, so I was little worried but I have seen it few Gujarati websites though!
I was too exhausted to read posts and comment on them, but just opened the comp and saw ur post and I knew it would be amazing as always. For the masala sauce, blend the ginger, garlic, green chillies and lemon juice to a paste in a food processor.
Almost strictly vegetarian, it is traditionally served Hot and dry Gujarat in India's west has its own distinct cuisine. I will make it little browner next time, we liked the sweet!:)Gandhinagar sounds great, never been to Gujarat at all. Taking inspiration from you, I too had decied to create a thali, but my son and i have been don with flu last whole week.
Gujarathi cuisine has an absolute variety of vegetarian cooking.Just how do you manage to do all this cooking for food events?

Gujarati Cuisine is primarily a vegetarians gourmet and has the influences from the Jains Buddhist. Download free vegrecipesGujarati Food Recipe by ingrents Sify Food, Specials – Gujarati Recipes Contribute Feel free to submit your favourite recipes right here!
Gujarati Recipes are mostly vegetarian and can be categorized based on the geographical regions. Hugs to you!:))Nita, I will add the recipe for Tandoori puffs at the end of this post as soon as possible.
I do cook but pictures, write up and posting ends up taking a lot of my time!Have to hand it to you.
Glad I confessed that it's my addition!:)Shweta, you are soooo lucky to be there to see it for real!!
Most of the Gujarati dishes are distinctively All the Gujarati food recipes are highly energy proficient, and thus these recipes do not cause much of energy wastage.
Its normally sold piping hot - there a little catch, the sukhdi has to be eaten in the temple's premises, you cannot take it outside!
India is a country with blend of all cultures and so is it's food , different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods.
Most of the Gujarati Hindus are very strict vegetarians and their vegetarian cuisine is unmatchable in taste and variety. Kutch is one of the important areas in the state which has an independent identity and they speak Katchi. One must see it to feel the peace of living there, not like those metro cities waking up days and night. Here is the photo of the world's first Swaminarayan Temple built in Ahmedabad.National leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel are the natives of Gujarat. Gujarat was also the site of some of the most popular resistances against the British including the Satyagrahas in Kheda, Bardoli, Borsad and the Salt Satyagraha. Nice to know that your are spending your time well and doing things you like, Marlon Brando is My fav too ;).

Cook Lilva beans(I used frozen Surti Papdi) with water and little bit of salt until soft, drain.
Heat 1 cup frozen green peas in the Microwave, drain the water and mash as much as you can, add to the mashed potato.2. Press a dough ball to a thickish square roti with your palm, gently place it on the tawa and cook both sides, drizzled with some oil on top until crisp and golden.
So I heated both up without adding any water, seasoned to serve as a dipping sauce for Rotlo and as side dish with Pulao too. Beat 1 cup plain yogurt and 1 cup Coconut milk (I used canned), salt and 1 tsp sugar with a whisk well.
Serve with Rotlo or Pulao on the side in a cup.I am sending this yummy heart shaped Sukhdi to Pooja from "my creative Ideas" blog for her "Valentine's day" special event. Thanks for hosting Pooja, hope you like my entry.I am also sending this to Zorra for her "Heart for your Valentine" event. Sukhdi or GolPapdi as it called, is made of Wheat flour, ghee, Cardamom and sugar and cut into diamond shapes. This sweet is somewhat like between making Mysore Pak (lot easier than that!) and Rava Laddoo.
When hot, add 1 tbsp Poppy seeds, 1 cup Wheat flour, keep stirring until it is cooked and smells good like roasted flour. After I watched "The Godfather" movies last month, I wanted more of Marlon Brando!:DI borrowed "A streetcar named desire" from the library.
A Cosmopolitan for me and few Beers for Arvind went well nicely too!:DSuper Bowl was as exciting as these were, we loved the game this year.
Stir in the chicken, stir on medium heat and fry until cooked thru' without adding any water.

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