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For a long time I was wondering about the fantasy that revolved around Peanut Butter sandwich. When it’s hot out the last thing you want to do is to turn on the oven and heat up the house even more.
I try to keep skillet dishes, slow cooker recipes and grilling recipes on my menu plan during the summer months. I’ve separated them out into six sections, skillet or stove top recipes that are made on the stove top. I’ve also included at the end, a few of my favorite freezer meals that can be made without using the oven.
On those busy summer days, put all the ingredients into the slow cooker and let it do the work for you. We have always enjoyed this at our club and when we finally made it at home, we were surprised at how easily it can be done.

The books I used to read as a kid always had this mentioned as one of the items the children in the book used to take for their picnic. This way you can have a few meals tucked away in the freezer for those busy or lazy summer days. I’ve pinned it so that I can find something to make for dinner on those very hot days later this summer. So many quick and easy summer recipes, all without heating up the house with your oven – how perfect! I am not sure on what basis this is called Tsunami Ka Cake, but that's what she was told and she insisted I keep it same.
I know during the summer and sometimes even on the hot days of spring that seem to pop up, I like to avoid using my oven. You could really fill up your summer menu plan with these recipes below and never have to think about what’s for dinner.

And thanks a million for including our Taco Burgers, and our slow cooker recipes for Chicken Tacos, NC Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches – we’re thrilled to be included in this terrific list! We just love all those recipes, and we’re so excited for your readers to try them, too!
Also life is sweeter with a little dessert every once in a while so I included some no bake desserts too.

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