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This side dish is a stable in all Danish homes and is served as a condiment along with pork roast, duck etc.
Remove from heat and if needed strain lightly, you will need to have a bit of moisture left but the cabbage should not be swimming in it.
I agree that the vinegar is a bit much, but I really like that there is no onions in the recipe which is hard to come by.
Break up bites of knockwurst, bratwurst and weisswurst with a forkful of sweet, tart red cabbage braised in a crisp kolsch.

This purple punch of shredded leavesa€”best made a few days before servinga€”brightens up any plate and adds a healthy kick to your diet of beer and brats.
The recipe is adapted from a Danish cook book 'God Mad - Let at lave' which is also a stable in Danish homes. I live in the UK and have to use cranberry juice too, but it is even nicer with redcurrent juice which is the traditional thing to use.
It was combined with Smorgastarta - Swedish Sandwich Torte by CJAY (another ZWT6 effort) to make a tasty lunch.

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