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If you fancy, you can add some drained cannellini beans or some sliced new potatoes to the pan and cook them with the chicken. The salad is simple and works well with the pasta but the tarts were my favourite bit of the meal and they were incredibly easy to make. NoteI don't have a food processor for the pasta sauce but my blender worked well enough and I left out the stick of celery as I strongly dislike it. Preheat the oven to 190°C, boil the kettle and place a large frying pan on a high heat. Roughly chop up the sausages and add them to the food processor along with the fennel seeds and oregano. Spoon a little jam (less than a teaspoon) into the pastry cases and top with a large teaspoon of the almond mixture. Pasta - Crush the garlic into the frying pan that contains the vegetable and sausage mixture then add the balsamic vinegar. Salad - Shave some parmesan over the salad, season with salt and pepper, then slice the lemon into wedges. Tarts - Once the tarts are golden brown, remove from the oven and serve with the creme fraiche. Unless otherwise stated, all written material and photography used on this website are Copyright © 2016 Hot Cooking. I'm constantly searching for a homemade pizza dough that tastes good, but isn't too challenging to execute—in other words, a recipe that doesn't require the learned and magical skill of "dough whispering" (something I've yet to attain, but hope to achieve someday). Step 1 Gather Your Ingredients"30-Minute Meals" is a shticky TV concept—the time it takes you to prepare the pizza is entirely dictated by A) how organized you are and B) how comfortable you are with the process. TipsJamie recommends rolling your basil for easy chopping, a process is called "chiffonade". Step 4 Prepare Your ToppingsBefore you start cooking your dough, you should have your sauce, cheese and toppings on hand. TipsHold off on the basil until the last second when you're about to remove the pizza from the broiler—that way the leaves will be warm and slightly cooked without being charred.Jamie added fennel seeds and freshly grated Parmesan to the top as well—I'm going to try next time, sounds delicious! Jamie magazine is an award-winning monthly from Jamie Oliver and his team – get 35% off a year's subscription now! Transfer to a roasting tray and add a good lug of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Cook the rice according to the packet instructions until it’s just undercooked and drain in a colander. You don’t have to set light to the hot brandy, but flaming does give an interesting flavour so I always like to do this.
In the programme, Jamie Oliver talks at length about the necessity of good quality sausages and how integral they are to the dish.

I couldn't find six deep pastry cases so I used eight shallow ones instead and the tarts still turned out nicely.
Chop the carrots and celery and place in a food processor (or blender) with the spring onions and chili.
Add another teaspoon of jam then another teaspoon of the mixture then place the tarts on the middle shelf of the oven for 18 minutes. Transfer the pasta into the frying pan of sauce, stir well and add some of the reserved pasta water if the sauce is too thick.
The dishes are mostly vegetarian although some may contain fish, but regardless, all are made lovingly from scratch. In my second round with this recipe, I made it a little bit thinner, and liked the results better (a thinner, crispier crust).Once you have a good thickness and large enough piece to fill an approximately 14-inch cast iron pan (or two smaller pans), fold your dough in half or quarters to easily transport to the WELL OILED (olive oil) pan. Have all your toppings chopped—I prepped bell peppers, zucchini, basil and thinly sliced dried salami.Use fresh mozzarella!
For instance by putting the dough on a pizza baking oventray (non-stick metal with perforations all over so the hot air gets to the bottom of the pizza)? Put the rice back in the pan, cover with tinfoil and leave to steam – this will give you incredibly light and fluffy rice.
Once the flames die down, or after a couple of minutes of simmering, stir in the lemon zest and all but 1 tablespoon of the creme fraiche and season to taste. Simply spoon the remaining creme fraiche over the stroganoff, then sprinkle over the sliced gherkins and parsley leaves. We ate them with ice cream rather than the specified creme fraiche but they would work equally as well with custard. Process for a few seconds until coarse then transfer the vegetables into the frying pan with some olive oil.
Season well then tip the pasta into a large bowl, grate over the parmesan cheese and tear up the basil leaves, scattering over the pasta.
It's no surprise that many sculptors go into the business of making bread—my experience indicates it requires patience, practice and somewhat of a magic touch.I've tried Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough recipe, but I'm always looking for other variations.
Measure 1 cup of self-rising flour (MUST BE SELF-RISING, NO SUBSTITUTES) into your food processor. Stand by with a spatula and lift the edges to make sure the bottom isn't burning (this is why coating the pan with olive oil is so important—you don't want the dough to stick to the bottom). You want it to get it crispy, but not charred. Scatter the garlic cloves into the pan with the chopped chilli and drizzle over some olive oil.
You could even make it part of a pasta dish – remove the chicken meat from the bone and shred it, then toss into a bowl of linguini or spaghetti and serve at once.
This is where an issue arises if pork sausages are omitted; the vegetarian sausages we use work well in most dishes and are lovely on their own but in this recipe their flavour just isn't quite powerful enough to stand up to the fennel and balsamic vinegar.

Likewise, any kind of jam can be used - we opted for black cherry but next time I'd like to try raspberry.
On a recent long airplane flight, I watched an episode of Jamie Oliver's 30-minute meals, a program that presents 3-4 recipes that can be made within the duration of approximately 30 minutes. Let it go for 3 to 4 minutes, and once it's almost finished, spoon sauce in the center and spread. I am afraid I will be in trouble when comes to lift the ready dough pizza.Need yr comment Jamie.
Not an authentic, wood fired oven thin and crispy pizza but certainly very pizza like and better than supermarket alternatives - and yummy pizza from walking in the kitchen to on the plate in less than 30 minutes including making a salad!Not quite convinced by the sauce recipe as I think that would be too watery ( maybe I buy cheap tinned tomatoes)but I happened to have some in the freezer. Any longer than this and the meat will toughen up – it doesn’t need long as it’s been cut up so small. I'd like to cook this meal again, omitting the fennel, decreasing the balsamic vinegar and using more oregano, which I think would stop the flavour of the sausages getting overpowered and lost. His "cheat's pizza" presented an interesting alternative to traditional recipes.Jamie's pizza is indeed a cheat—you substitute the challenge of kneading and the time constraint of rising with a food processor and self-rising flour. Remove from the heat entirely, and top with cheese and toppings.Now that your pizza is ready, place it under the broiler for another 4 minutes or so. Then add the meat and fry for a minute or two before adding the parsley stalks (you can do this in two pans or in batches if your pan is not big enough) and the cooked onion and garlic. Place in the oven for 1? hours, turning the tomatoes halfway through, until the chicken skin is crisp and the meat falls off the bone.
It's also quick to assemble and cook: simply fry the dough stove-top for 3-4 minutes, and finish under the broiler for the same.
Your first pulse will result in a soft, wet dough that looks like the above image to the left.
In the end you want your dough to be somewhat wet and elastic, but not so wet that it's impossible to work it with a rolling pin.Once you have a satisfactory ball of dough, cover a dry surface with a layer of flour. It won't have the wonderful elasticity that some of the best pizza doughs have, but if you like a light and crispy crust, you should be able to nail a tasty outcome in 2 attempts or less.The below ingredients should feed 2-3 people.
Remove the dough from the processor and add remnants to your solid "baseball"; coat lightly with flour and roll into a flat, round piece with a rolling pin. I doubled and made two batches of the dough for 4 people; this yielded one large pizza, and two smaller (this was dictated by my cast iron pan options).

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