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For a great playdough for your children, mix 1 cup of salt, and 2 cups of flour, and add enough water to make a soft dough.
The wrapping paper is not foil, but shiny like foil, and tied in a bow with a thin gold string. Make colorful beads out of cut macaroni (like ziti) and dunking them into assorted food colors. Separate a little of the yarn on each side and cut them as short as you want the arms to be. To make a boy doll, separate the yarn at the bottom and tie two short pieces of yarn at the bottom of the separated pieces of yarn to make the legs and feet.
Note: Ground oris root (1 tablespoon) mixed in with the cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger helps to preserve the pomander.
Using an a knitting needle or other sharp object, poke holes into the orange next to the tape. To preserve, place in a cool, dark closet wrapped in waxed paper (grease proof) until it is hard and dry - approx 5-6 weeks. November 27, 2012 by Heather 20 Comments A few years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to take our girls {the little guy wasn’t around then} to Germany and France for the month of December.
In the German Christmas markets they sell the most amazing gingerbread cookie creations and I’ve always found the designs so inspiring.
The fun thing about this garland is that it’s made out of the classic cinnamon and apple sauce mixture that just makes your home smell like heaven.

Knead the dough together into a ball then pinch off small gumball size pieces and press them into the snowflake cookie pan.
Now you can use it to dress up your home for the holidays and not only will it look fantastic, it will make your home smell amazing! Sorry guys!  I didn’t have that issue of them not coming out of the pan!  I will fix the post and say that you should use Pam and hopefully that will solve that problem.  Also, Oven temps very, sorry!
I rolled some out and used cookie cutters so at least I had a couple to send in for the teachers.
You know, the kind that you fold the paper into eighths and cut triangles or designs with scissors. To keep toddlers from getting to the christmas tree and presents, why not decorate their old playpen and put the tree and presents in there.
If you put your presents under the tree before christmas, keep the kids from knowing whose is whose by attaching numbers.
Reuse cards you get for any occasion by putting a little household bleach on a cloth and rubbing gently over the handwriting. For a last minute gift, keep a popular book or cookbook on hand, and inscribe it at the last minute.
Totally pinning it to my inspiration board for next year when I’ll have my very own house to decorate. I love that my kiddos were able to make these with just a little help from me… plus they smell heavenly!

Spray paint the outside, and drill a hole through the center of the handle, and insert a ribbon to hang it on your tree. Use yarn threaded on a large needle, insert through the bottom of the bell, then insert it back thru the top and cut and tie it off. Then take two more short pieces of string and tie them at the bottom of the arms to make the hands.
At Christmastime bake Christmas cookies and Christmas Candy Ornaments, and place them on these plates, wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon or bow. For a taller arrangement, do the same thing with one of the large but inexpensive glass brandy snifers used for terrariums or any tall, clear glass container. Wishing that everyone could have the experience without the hefty fees involved, I thought I would create something that will help bring some of the German Christmas spirit into your home. I thought about cooking spray but didnt want to chance it so we improvised on the second batch… My girls filled the pan like the directions, but used it as a mold instead. Cut the bottom of the loop and tie a short piece of yarn around the top of the part that is still connected.
Wrap a second piece of tape in the same manner so that the orange is divided into quarters.

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