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NOTE: In an effort to simplify the raw dog food recipe I have incorporated the use of supplements.
18 hardboiled eggs including the shells-cooled (the egg shells supply digestible calcium to your dog.
1 tube of LickOchops omega fatty acid supplement (This supplies important omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in a 1 to 4 ratio, this is good!
Dinovite daily dog supplement (This supplies a host of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, zinc and live direct fed microbials.
This raw dog food recipe can be halved or doubled to accommodate the size of your dog or for multi-dog households.
Mix well and completely with your hands or with a large,strong spoon until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.
I personally prefer the freezer containers because they are easy to fill, thaw and serve the raw dog food. I have several questions and don’t see where I can post so I just hit reply to a post. We are just starting the Zero Carb -Dinovite with Supromega, beginning with the 24 hour fast this evening. I think me and the commenter was confused cuz you did not list the Dinovite in any part of mixing instructions… I am considering adopting an Australian Cattle dog and I hope to be using this recipe for him!
Hi Ed, I have been reading your correspondence for some time now and have taken the plunge and changed our dog to a homemade diet based on your recipe. In fact we are going to use human multivites and minerals as the pet ones are so very expensive here in Malaysia in comparison. Hi Ed, I have just discovered your website while looking up info for our new chihuahua puppy.
I read one of your responses where you mentioned adding chicken bones; I was always told not to give dogs chicken bones.
If you feel this way, I completely understand where you’re coming from, because I felt the same way for a long time.  I didn’t think it was a problem until I was going to buy a smoked bone from the pet store and one of the employees told me that it wasn’t safe (then why are you selling it?) and that I should buy another type of bone (it looks like it’s bleached white). Then I did research for an article on Keep the Tail Wagging and walked away terrified of all bones, because of what could go wrong.

When I was researching feeding raw bones to dogs, I received responses from Closed-Minded, Holistic, and Open-Minded veterinarians. An open-minded veterinarian may not be able to prove definitively through studies that a raw food diet is good or bad for our dogs, but he or she is willing to examine our dog and see the improvement and changes.  An open-minded veterinarian is open to discussions, holistic avenues, and will also give you the pros and cons, based on their experience, of the choices we make with our dogs’ health. Be prepared to monitor your dog while he or she is gnawing on a bone so that you can (1) see if the bone you chose works for your dog, (2) remove it if you’re worried about the size or any sharp pieces, and (3) know where they leave it when they get bored. If your dog is a gulper, raw bones and chicken or turkey necks may not be a great idea.  Or, you can go with big bones (I like the elbow bones) that are round and may prevent gulping. I go for the Raw Meaty Bones instead of the Raw Marrow Bones, because our dogs have had more success with them; they toss their cookies when they have the marrow bones. As you know, I grind chicken bones when I mix up my recipe for chicken and I add eggs to my recipe when I mix any other type of meat (beef, pork, etc.).
I do think I’d be alright with the elbow bones you talk about, and I might just have to place an order with Vital Essentials. Without the supplements the raw dog food recipe would need an additional 10 to 20 ingredients. Feeding this  raw dog food recipe without the supplements will result in multiple nutritional deficiency diseases. If your dog is losing a little weight eating the raw dog food and this is not desired, increase the amount you are feeding. In the recipie it says to add a full tube of lick o chops, and does not mention the powder. I’ve been looking for a good raw dog food recipe and this looks really easy and economical. And don’t forget to check out our FB page, join the discussions in our awesome FB group and follow us on Twitter!
Unfortunately, our current agricultural practices yield foods with a fraction of the nutrient content of wild counterparts. However, all these recipes require the addition of the nutritional supplements or they will be deficient.
We live in Malaysia and a problem we have is not being able to obtain Dinovite and Lickochops locally.

Thanks for taking the time to share your recipes, I’m looking forward to you posting the intermediate and advanced recipes. If the dog is very old, no teeth or some other severe health problem then I would cook the bones until they dissolve in a soup stock then serve.
This diet lacks many vitamins (Vitamin E, B’s, A and K to name a few) and minerals (calcium).
For your convenience click here if you would like to view information on Dinovite liquid dog supplement. In short, adjust the serving size of raw dog food depending on your dogs age, weight and activity level. The supplements add digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, beta carotene directed microbials and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Dinovite Liquid dog supplement contains a highly absorbable form of zinc called zinc methionine that has a very high absorption rate.
This is an important step, ignoring this step greatly increases your dog’s chance of having digestive upset. The direct fed microbials in Dinovite can help support proper digestion and this can help with bad breath. How do you keep it fresh outside of getting a motel with a kitchen and mixing some midweek? When we reach our destination, usually family, we just put the tupperware in the refrigerator. The finished food looks like uncooked meat loaf so most people aren’t grossed out by it.
Before we switched her to home cooked food she was on a fish based kibble diet and developed skin problems. I often add a raw egg yolk, I add tsp coconut oil daily and a tsp of olive oil daily at separate meals.

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