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January 13, 2015 by Alli 16 Comments It’s been said, repeatedly, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast is important for everyone, but is especially so for children and adolescents. My mom would awaken me and I’d stumble bleary-eyed to the table and drink my cup of black coffee with 2 sugars while she begged me to eat just a few bites of breakfast. If I was naturally thin I would probably have cinnamon rolls, waffles, pancakes or cookies every morning for breakfast.
My mainstay, the breakfast I eat just about every morning once the weather turns cool, is my quick, easy & healthy winter breakfast. Feel the winter warmth with good ol' pumpkin soup - the kicker is the sweet, acidic addition from the apple as well as the crispy kale chips. Ready in 30 minutes, this clear soup is full of ginger, soy and water spinach to keep your wontons warm.

Think rich, thick and moderately spicy: this Japanese-style soup is a winter-night favourite. Made with coconut cream and milk, this divine Cambodian-style chicken soup comes from Luke Nguyen. One of my favourite South Indian soups is rasam (pronounced rus-um), which can best be described as a spiced, fiery, peppery broth that is rather light yet wholesome. Here’s a really straight-forward chickpea soup; it’s actually what Tunisians enjoy for breakfast. Since I’m not (why did I have to get the fat genes?) and I have to work hard to stay healthy, I only indulge in waffles and pancakes occasionally. Whether you prefer a comforting bowl of soup, a crisp stir-fry or a rich curry, these recipes are guaranteed to make your weekly dinners a breeze, and healthy too.
This recipe combines fresh ingredients with a laksa paste, meaning a lot of the prep is all done for you.

Capers, chopped almonds, chopped olives, a dollop of yoghurt and some mint can all be added at the end, and the soup is commonly served ladled over cubes of yesterday’s baguette. Instead of going with the traditional tomato-based recipe that makes a reddish-brown rasam, I've taken a few liberties along with a little inspiration from a rasam we tried at modern Indian restaurant in Bombay, as well as green goddess dressing.
The result is a light lentil broth that's full of spicy heat and fresh herb flavours, making it one refreshing soup!

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