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Prepared with rice from Azumino in Nagano prefecture, our dishes range from boiled and vinegared home-style dishes to some more unconventional Japanese delicacies. Our eye-pleasing and nutritious main dishes are sure to appeal to children, thanks to carefully selected items and desert including homemade ice cream. Whether you're craving a special smoothie, a delicious soup, or a sparkling punch for a summer afternoon, explore our recipe pages for the perfect combinations. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Traditionally, most main dishes we think about over the holidays are naturally low-carb because they are usually protein-based. Turkey, duck, goose, and ham have been type-cast as lead actors of the holiday table, but are they all equally nutritious and diet friendly? Families pride themselves in their great big, juicy, golden brown turkey coming out of the oven. If you are faced with a holiday table filled to the brim with carb-rich, fat-rich foods, your choices may be limited, but feel confident helping yourself to multiple servings of turkey. Additionally, goose having a much higher calorie count from fat, the cholesterol count is quite a bit lower for a goose than a duck.
It’s hard to look at a glazed ham straight in the cloves and see it as nutritious and diet-friendly. About Healthy MidlifeWe’re four middle agers seeking health, wellness and fitness information to support a healthy & happy midlife. After replacing many blenders over the years, we finally broke down and bought a Vitamix 5200.

Once we bought our dehydrator, we said goodbye to greasy potato chips and hello to healthy & tasty apple, zucchini, kale chips. As we are close to the Japan Sea, you can enjoy extremely fresh sashimi and other fish dishes.
Knudsen Family® Juices, Spritzers, and the freshest seasonal ingredients, into creative concoctions the entire family will enjoy.
Low carb diets are very popular these days and there’s no reason to let the holidays derail your midlife health diet plan. This glorious bird is a holiday classic that is not only beautiful when cooked well, but is just as tasty.
The meat is mostly protein; you can enjoy as much turkey as you wish if you are on a low-carb diet.
One trick to cut down on the fat, which often contains those unhealthy elements, is to be sure the bird is on a rack in the roasting pan so the fat cooks off and runs through, that way the bird isn’t sitting in the fat juices. If you stick to mostly white meat, with only a nibble or two of dark meat and a tiny bit of crispy skin, you can load up without worrying about your healthy diet plan.
Both are aromatic, the skin crisps and browns beautifully, and they are often a traditional favorite because we just don’t tend to cook them often. This illustrates how important it is to check the nutrition labels before you dig in, especially if you are on a strict diet.
A basic baked ham fits into a low-carb diet, but what about after it’s dressed up for the holiday table? The added salt, sugar and or honey cause the sodium levels jump dramatically as well as the carb levels.

If you choose a lean ham, then bake it with a savory glaze, such as a mustard glaze instead of a sweet glaze, you can save on carbs, calorie, and fat. Choose your main, and then tweak your recipe and cooking method to create a main dish that is not only beautiful and tasty, but healthier, too. We share what we learn, what’s working & not working plus anything else that catches our fancy in our midlife journey. However, between the two, goose is actually much higher in calories and almost five times more calories come from the fat in a goose than the fat in a duck. Again, the crispy skin may be tempting, but just a nibble will have to do if you want to stay within your dietary restrictions concerning fat, cholesterol, and sodium. The calories and fat seem to be on similar levels, which would be considered quite high for most people counting calories. Bake it on a rack to let the fats drip off and you’ll save even more on the fat content. If you consider roasting your bread-filled bird a tradition, just be sure to avoid the dressing when dishing up your plate.
However, that is assuming you eat an equal part lean and fatty ham, so you could help yourself to a leaner portion and save a few calories. Put the salt on the table instead of on the ham and you’ll reduce your sodium, as well.

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