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As Indians turn to the internet for every little thing, some individuals are hitting high notes of popularity for the original content they upload on YouTube.
YouTube, one of world’s leading video sharing websites, has made superstars out of many. Ranjit Kumar, whose YouTube channel, Geekyranjit, has close to 61,000 subscribers today, had a tech-related website called Tech2buzz, but grew weary of people lifting his original text content. Noida-based Nisha Madhulika’s cookery channel, also named after herself, has over a lakh subscribers and is widely followed by the NRIs too.
YouTube has also become Nisha’s primary income source and the numbers are looking good.
Alluding to the power of the platform, Sandeep emphasises that if the content is liked by the users, YouTube social tools make it go viral in hours, which makes the platform very democratic.
She loves to cook, try out new recipes and interact with her 1,58,241 YouTube subscribers.However, Madhulika's isn't the lone story. All one needs today is an internet connection, a webcam and some fresh ideas and originality.
Today, there are many social media companies who specialise in creating content for YouTube users. Their initiation into video blogging happened after a decent run at writing articles and uploading them on their blog. While doing the rounds of seeking a life partner through an arranged marriage scenario, he is often met with blank stares when he mentions his hobby of vlogging—something he is amazed by and laments about!
Many such Indian home chefs are increasingly gaining popularity on the videosharing website.
International pop sensation Justin Bieber was discovered after he uploaded a video of him singing on YouTube.
But, let us focus on individuals who don’t have the backing of a digital team but still have a very large fan following.

Their fan base grew rapidly and the idea that videos can be a better medium took shape in their minds. While still in medical college, Vikram used to watch online lectures by the University of South Carolina.
While running a cookery blog, she was flooded with requests to make videos, which would make understanding the recipes easier. Coming up with fresh and engaging content proves to be a constant challenge for the vloggers though. Contents on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Magna Publishing Co.Ltd. Based on the number of views and watch time for their channels in 2013 and 2014, country's top YouTube chefs comprised of professional and well-known chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Sanjay Thumma and Harpal Singh Sokhi, as well as homemakers Gayatri Sharma and Nisha Madhulika.These home chefs dabble in a variety of cuisines. Some video bloggers (colloquially known as vloggers) that have tasted success are Sanjay Thumma, whose cookery channel Vah Chef has garnered over two lakh subscribers and Shruti Arjun Anand, whose beauty channel, I Love Indian Makeup, has over 56,000 subscribers. He was already maintaining a blog and was inspired to attempt a similar concept, he tried his hand at making videos to support his articles. Attention spans are at an all-time low and there are literally an infinite number of options to choose from. Once the content creators decide that they want to monetise their video, ads start appearing overlaid or next to their videos.
While YouTube does not enjoy as much popularity as other market leaders such as Google, Ranjit feels that the younger generation in India enjoys online video streaming and they would be the main adopters. Sharma, a 40-year-old south Indian based in Mumbai, is famous for her 'breadpizza' and rasgulla tutorials while Madhulika - who began her culinary journey with north Indian cuisine - counts the recipe of a Gujarati dish as her personal favourite.For both, it was a passion for cooking that led them to YouTube. Korean singer Psy was popular locally, but he shot to worldwide fame overnight when his video of Gangnam Style went viral online, leading to even celebrities doing the famous horse dance step from the song.
We spoke to three vloggers with successful YouTube channels to understand the trend of vlogging on YouTube that has thousands of Indians hooked.

YouTube then splits the revenue generated by these ads with the partner, with the majority of the share going to the partner.
We also have housewives who make content for YouTube and earn more than the average Indian salaries,” he claims. While Madhulika's decision to start a YouTube channel began by writing recipes on a blog and a website, Sharma says, "I started my channel with the intention to wean away people from restaurants and packaged foods and encourage them for homemade food. YouTube was a way I could pursue my dreams and earn money without leaving the comfort of my house."Yaman Agarwal, a 16-year-old home chef from Hyderabad, says that every feedback that he receives (from his 30,000 odd followers) encourages him to make additions to his dishes.
The voice of Shraddha Sharma, a teenager from Dehradun, who did cover songs, also won the admiration of thousands when she uploaded a rendition of Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki. Video editing was time consuming and uploading was tedious due to poor internet speed. Nisha, Vikram and Ranjit are unanimous in opining that while it is definitely possible to eke out a decent living through YouTube, it’s an uphill road. It is surely overpowering television shows with the surge in digital consumption these days," he adds."While Indian food lovers are increasingly tuning in to the online platform for ideas, local professional chefs and amateur cooks are also embracing YouTube as content creators. Her popularity led her to be offered an album deal with Universal Music, an offer she leaped at.
Unlike Nisha, Ranjit only relies on the virtual platform for his income partly, while Vikram treats it completely like a hobby, and has not monetised it. The shows attract viewership from the UAE, Singapore, Australia, the US, Canada and the United Kingdom," says Gautam Anand, Director of Content and Operations, YouTube Asia-Pacific.He continues, "Viewership for cooking content on YouTube in India is growing by over 40 per cent year on year.

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