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Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Please fill out the form below and tell us why you're bringing this poster to our attention. Be on the lookout for our new segment featuring BEFORE & AFTER photos, results and interviews with LA Fitness members. All About Vision is a Supporter National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight and we encourage our readers to support these humanitarian eye care organizations. Text and images on this website are copyright protected and reproduction is prohibited by law. 2016 is here and you need some new ideas, a game plan and motivation to make 2016 the best new year of your life.
You need to learn from the past and make improvements, instead of doing the same old things, day after day and expecting a different results. Your goal for the new year should be, to make small daily improvements that will make tomorrow better than it was yesterday. Yes it might be challenging and seem so difficult at times but it will only make you stronger and tougher and better. When I have bad days, the days I have self-limiting beliefs, I don’t dwell and tell everyone how bad my day was.
Because if you keep on focusing how broke you are, how many bills there are, how hard it is.
What really helped me over the years get through the tough and hard times is watching positive, inspiring and motivational videos that give me hope and passion to keep working and fighting for my dreams. I love to watch videos like this one, it actually sends chills up my spine and gives me goose pimples.

If it’s before New Years Eve in 2016 when you are reading this post, I highly recommend getting a head start and go into 2016 with a new mindset, Drive and Determination to make this year better than it was last year. The first day they are passionate and determined, but as the days go on, the passion and determination fizzle out and in a matter of a week or two and they just give up.
Let my all time favorite mentor, Tony Robbins explain to you how to successful create a lasting change. I have learned so much over they years just from watching videos like this to learn new ideas that will improve my future. The most important life lesson I learned is that if I want things to change, I was going to be the one that had to change.
I changed my philosophy, I started changing my mind and how I think and started picking up new ideas and information, gather new knowledge, made better decision about what is valuable. All this started for me in 2012 when I had a news years resolution and kept working towards my dreams and goals.
I had no prior knowledge or experience of making money online and building a business that continues to grow if I was working, sleeping, at the beach or on vacation.
I was just sick and tired of being over work and underpaid with unbelievable amount of stress, depression and exhaustion, so I needed to make a change and this where I am at right now.
I am so excited to use all the knowledge and skills I learned last year to make this year even better.
So after my working all day at my full-time job, I came home had diner finished my chores around the house and then I relaxed on the couch with my laptop on my lap computer and build my own home-based internet business from the comfort of home, or any where you get a internet connection.
If you are serious about 2016 and creating the best new years ever it all starts right here, right now with you.
This was the best decision I have ever made and know it will be the best decision you ever made too.

Are you going to make 2016 the best year of your life, so your 2017 New Years Resolution will take you to the next level until you are living the best life you could possible live. I am so eager and excited to take what I learned over the past few years and invest all of the knowledge and discipline and invest it into 2016. You hit the nail on the head – the only person that can bring about changes and put ideas into action is you!
If you’re interested, I recently shared everything I know about habit forming in a recent post, called the Fifty Golden Rules of Forming Healthy Habits – would love to hear your thoughts on it if you have a spare few minutes!
Are you going to implement my 2016 new years resolutions and make 2016 the best year of your life? From Now Until 12-22-2015 I am going to be offering some amazing intensives and team bonuses for new people who create a free account and place a online order. The next 10 people who create a free account will be automatically entered in a drawing for a $500 Christmas bonus.
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