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These prepackaged meal plans are generally amongst the easiest diets to follow as they require little or no cooking. This is the chef designed diet meal plan that features low calorie, low carb, high protein meals. Diet-to-Go is a diet delivery service that offers 3 different options: the Balance plan, Balance-D for those with Diabetes, and Carb30, which is a low-carb diet. While many have reported that the plan can be effective, their food and customer service is hit or miss.
Built around balanced proteins, carbs and fats, eDiets is the fresh meal plan that arrives at your door each week. Dieters lose weight because with eDiets food, dieters consume up to 1200 calories per day including recommended fruits and vegetables.
The Chicago-based diet meal plan allows individuals to participate in eating a whole food-based diet, one that is free of processed food and focuses on organic produce as well as hormone and nitrate free meats. 5 Squares is a regional diet program that delivers to people living in the New York and Connecticut area. Dieters have food delivered to their door each day by 6 am, this includes 5 meals for the entire day, for seven days. Focus 28 is based upon eating as many as six meals a day along with green vegetables to keep the metabolism active.
The 3-tiered program is broken up into sub-categories that fall in line with people’s lifestyle.
Like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, this diet also requires individuals to purchase their veggies, fruit, and dairy at the supermarket, though with I Love This Diet, members had to go to the supermarket anyway to buy their frozen meals. Dieters are assigned one of five calorie levels of between 1300 and 1850 calories per day, based on their current weight and their gender. The diet is calorie based and, in addition to dining exclusively on Jenny Craig frozen meals, the diet requires weight loss seekers to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet. LA Weight Loss is a diet delivery program with locations in North and South Dakota, Iowa and Canada.
LA Weight Loss employs the Transmetabolic Factor--a system that helps the body continuously burn calories. Unlike most of the other plans, Nutrisystem uses shelf-stable (pouched, non-refrigerated) foods as its core items. Now known as PureFoods Fresh Start, this program is a weekly meal delivery plan that is designed around restricted calorie intake and the Glycemic Index (GI). A week’s worth of meals includes breakfast, lunch, dinner 1 snack and 1 treat per day. Based on calorie and portion control, Seattle Sutton is a meal delivery plan that delivers to dieters homes each week.

Rather than sending days worth of food at a time, The Fresh Diet delivers food to your door, daily.
Best Diet Tips rejects hundreds of advertising and promotional opportunities because we don't believe in the products.
Delivery Diets That Deliver ResultsWhen it comes to losing weight, you can't beat the ease of having calorie- and portion-controlled meals dropped at your door.
Though not technically a meal delivery plan since you buy your meals at the supermarket, it offers amazing variety for a fraction of the cost of the other programs described here.
Dieters can choose from a 7-day program (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners), or a 5-day program (5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners). While many customers claim that the food tastes pretty good, others complain that the lack of customer service and high prices makes this company hard to swallow. The gourmet menu includes items like quiche lorraine, grilled salmon, blueberry pancakes, tostadas and more. Many reviewers also claimed that their low-carb option is not as delectable as the original plan. Dieters are given two plan options: five days worth of food, including one snack or dessert or seven days worth of food, including one snack or dessert. Burns, used this method to keep world-class athletes healthy, fit and operating at optimum performance.
5 Squares takes the clean eating approach and prepares 5 meals per day which are all dairy-free and wheat-free.
The overall program promotes portion control, reduced calorie meal replacements, supplements and high protein snacks.
Fresh ‘n Fit food is easy prep (just heat and eat) and meets guidelines put out by the American Heart Association. The program is built around calorie control to ensure healthy weight loss and to help dieters maintain a healthy lifestyle once they've reached their weight loss goals.
Because supermarkets tend to run weekly sales on these items, the meals can often be purchased for as little as a third of the cost of Jenny Craig's meals. The diet, which comes in the form of a membership website, can be used on a PC or Mac, as well as with tablets and smartphones. When one joins Jenny Craig they can anticipate 28 days worth of food being delivered to their home (or they can pick up if they are close to a Jenny Craig diet center).
Favorite meals include the Jenny Craig Sunshine Sandwich as well as the Chicken Fettuccini, Beef Chow Mein and BBQ Chicken Pizza.
However, most recently they have begun to transition into a solely online based diet program. Dieters go through a three phases including a detox and adhere to a rapid weight loss guide to reach weight loss goals.

Rather than 3 big meals, dieters consume several small meals a day to keep burning calories and losing weight.
However if they opt for the Nutrisystem Select plan, which includes one frozen entree per day, dieters can expect to pay around $388 per month.
Phase 1 consists of eliminating bad carbs and processed foods from the diet and Phase 2 reintroduces good carbs.
PureFoods Fresh Start delivers chef prepared, low Glycemic foods to dieters doors, each week.
The Fresh Diet is available to those in South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago and the New York Tri-State area.
We do accept promotional compensation from a handful of companies that we have carefully screened.
A A  For a one-time charge, the set is yours to keep.A  I will replace individual pieces as needed at no further charge. Local shipping is available in the Metro Atlanta, but they also ship to GA, AL, and parts of FL, SC, NC, & TN.
NIM has several different meal plans based on personal needs (traditional, Vegetarian, Halal, Ontario-wide). The belief is that by eating more filling foods, that don’t break down into fat, carb cravings and the desire to overeat dissipates. There are six plans to choose from, some complete with 7 days worth of food, others with 5, vegetarian optinons and a la carte options. Even then, our reviewers are brutally honest in pointing out the flaws and shortcomings of these products. Your diet's here.Figuring out what to eat when you're trying to lose weight can be an overwhelming task — especially if you have little time for cooking and food shopping.
Cedarhurst’s (the doctor behind the diet) nutritional guidelines to ensure that the menu contains the proper nutritional balance for individuals to lose weight. Plans vary, but include options such as just lunch and dinner plans (2 meals per day), 5 or 7 day plans (3 meals per day) and just dinner plans. So women across the country are turning to delivery diets to slim down: Perfectly portioned meals are sent straight to their doorsteps, along with the promise that they'll lose up to three pounds in a week.

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