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Since I like just about everything, to me, every dish tastes either yummy or delicious or even scrumptious, if I’m feeling particularly verbal. With dozens of tastes to choose from at each meal, Jordan is a place well-suited for naturally skinny travelers with high metabolisms. Jordanians express their warmth and hospitality, much like Southerners, by feeding you until you can hardly stand up and walk away from the table. Much of my lackadaisical Southern nature (if I ever had one) wore off in the years I lived in New York City, so it was an adjustment for me to think of each meal of the day as a full-fledged event on the itinerary – not just a biological necessity or a box to check off en route to the next activity.
One night, my consulting team and I were invited to dinner at Fakhr El-Din, a swanky yet still familial restaurant in Amman’s 2nd circle. There are some 120 Middle Eastern favorites on the menu at Fakhr El-Din, and we must’ve had at least half of them on our dinner table.

One lunchtime my intrepid guide Ibrahim and his driving sidekick Rami begged me to try a Jordanian olive. I served in the Peace Corps in a rural village in southern Jordan from 2004-2006 and your pictures and blog bring back a lot of YUMMY memories! The restaurant has a reputation as one of the best in the city and is known as the place to rub shoulders with celebrities and dignitaries visiting the country. It was one of my favorite meals of the journey, I only wish I had two or three stomachs so I could’ve continued eating, eating, eating.
Community style dining is common, so there’s much sharing and passing and tasting and ohmanthisisgood exclaiming. No matter where you go, someone wants to feed you mansaf or comfort you with tea or just welcome you with whatever it is they have on hand.

I enjoyed reading your beautifully-written article as much as looking at these great shots for our food!
By the time the mains (yes, plural!) arrive, chances are you’ve already eaten your weight in dozens of flavorful appetizers. Meat (usually goat or lamb) cooked in a a tangy fermented dried yogurt sauce and eaten with bread & hands from the community plate. And it’s a lovely feeling that sticks with you even after the feeling of being so full you could explode fades away.

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