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There is so much about the long distance car travel that sings with happy possibilities-the freedom of the open road, the prospect of a surprise around the next corner, the waiting exploration in the next town.
I have to admit that the average convenience store knows their consumer and they are willing to employ their marketing genius. For my most recent road trip, I shook a Scarlet O’Hara style fist at the sky and vowed I would never buy gas station snacks again.
My kids right now are too young to know that gas stations sell food and snacks so we get away with packing fruit and snacks from home. If you had taken the time to make this idea Pinterest-worthy, the presentation might have been more impressive, but I probably would have felt unequal to duplicating it.
Tortilla de patatas - Spanish omelette with potatoes If you like fried potatoes will go crazy with this Spanish omelet recipe.
7. Organizing Junkie has great tips for corralling art supplies, DVD player, wipes, and snacks all in one handy place. If you love this idea but don’t have the time before your trip to put everything together, consider purchasing this Adventure in a Box kit– if it keeps the kids happy for a long drive it’s probably worth every penny! Please stick around and post your best travel tips and take a look at some of the best ideas around the traveling blogosphere.
All of this, along with a flawlessly chosen playlist, weaves together to make a package of travel glee, at least in my world. Good snack food is as vital to a great road trip as good tunes, so it was important that I choose the types of snacks that they love from the gas station to enjoy in the car.
Nothing like motivating kids to be on their best behavior with their fave snacks sitting right in front of them.
Soon though we will be stocking up at our local dollar store and purchasing a big see through box for the car.
Start your road trip preparation off right by making sure you have everything you need in case of emergency.
Pillows are a must on a long road trip, but full size pillows can take up too much room (and cause arguments when “his pillow keeps touching me!”).
If you know how to sew, this car seat organizer pattern from etsy looks fantastic – it allows kids to keep coloring books, crayons, DVDs, etc. Or just buy an over the door shoe organizer like this one (from the dollar store!) and keep the things you or your child will be using the most in easy reach.
Here’s an absolutely genius idea – build a simple bucket and pulley system using rope through the handles above the car windows – you’ll be able to get things back and forth to your kids without relying on their throwing and catching ability. She also has some great printable picture packing lists the kids can use to get ready for the trip.

This post by Toni Spilsbury is actually about organizing snacks at home, but her “fridge snacks” example would be perfect for putting in the cooler for healthy road trip snacks. Kids are sure to love these tackle boxes turned mega snack packs, from Inner Child Crochet.
This fantastic road trip post from Burlap and Denim has plenty of tips, including a printable packing list, but my favorite part is her take on the cookie sheet tray.
For more magnetic game ideas to use with a cookie sheet, check out this huge post from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.
Print them out, then slide them inside plastic page protectors to create a re-usable travel binder (use dry erase markers). This great post from Kids Activities Blog has 40 car trip ideas geared toward toddlers, some you may have seen before and some that are pretty unique. Creekside Learning has a really great idea for forestalling the constant “are we there yet?” questions – laminate a map of your route and use dry erase markers to keep track of where you’re going and where you’ve been. By shopping the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Store, I was able to choose the snacks they love and save some cash. The simple ingredients used by the spanish cusine makes it easier for people around the world to cook spainish food. You don’t want to be trying to change a tire at night without a flashlight, or stranded in the dessert with no water.
I made these travel pillows with carrying cases last year and the kids loved them – they’re just the right size for kids and the case has a velcro pocket perfect for books, crayons, or a kindle. She also includes a price breakdown showing how much you can save by packing your own snacks instead of buying at the gas station or drive through.
I like the idea of giving one to each child and letting them control when and what they snack on, so I don’t have to rummage through the snack container every fifteen minutes to find someone more food. Buy cheap cookie sheets at the dollar store to use as a lunch tray, magnet board, hard surface for coloring, or even a place to make friendship bracelets. I especially love the idea of using family photos to make magnetic popsicle stick “puzzles”. Play Eat Grow has a fantastic list of toys that work well in the car, including links to where you can order the items mentioned. My favorites from this list include collecting toy magazines or catalogues for kids to look through and building statues with aluminum foil and pipe cleaners. I was surprised when I was researching this post that I didn’t see more recommendations for books the whole family can listen to during long car trips – it’s one of our favorite ways to pass the time.
You can keep kids updated on your location and they can cross off locations as you drive through.

I was also able to buy in bulk and divide the snacks into small ziplock bags, allowing me to give them treats that weren’t the overkill of the megabags at the gas station.
This post at Simply Preparing gives great guidelines for collecting items for an emergency road trip kit.
I’d be a little nervous about one getting tipped over, however, so I might look for a divided container that has separated lids so you can open just one compartment at a time (maybe in the jewelry making section). This isn’t my photo, it’s one floating around Pinterest without a good link, but we’ve done this plenty of times in the car, and even as a healthy snack at Disneyland. The best part of this post is how she secured a cookie sheet to the booster seat arm rests so youngsters aren’t constantly dropping it during the ride. Kids can open up a sack when you drive through the city listed on the front, and each sack contains small items to play or create with.
Once I packed all of the treats into my Tupperware container, I realized that the clear box was an important part of the success of my plan.
Accompanied with fresh bread pleased for the delicious saltsaSangkria  Sangkria the ultimate party drink for each concentration and at home. Cut straws in half so they’re not so long and tape on to the side of each snack in advance. The key for us has been finding books that are interesting enough for the parents to enjoy as well. Some of our favorites have been The BFG by Roald Dahl (great for younger kids), Harry Potter, the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, Peter and the Starcatchers (and sequels) by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, and the Stoneheart Trilogy by Charlie Fletcher (the last one is better for slightly older kids, maybe 9+). Try as first and as mainly escorting freshly baked breadHaddock in tomato sauce from Barcelona Unique taste of cod beautiful Catalonia. The Mediterranean cuisine in all its glory, enjoyGarlic lamb with tomato Unlikely delicious lamb with the flavor of the cooked garlic to the off. Try it!Fish soup from Valencia An easy but impressive fish soup from the beautiful Spanish city.
The version we provide is of course for the oven but if it is possible to cook vegetables in barbecue will get a smoky smell. Cold tomato soup (Gazpacho) The original recipe for one of the most traditional Spanish dishes. With few differences from the cream broule Catalonia dresing salad with mint A delicious fresh salad that can accompany as well as meat and fish.
Try it!Artichokes stuffed with eggs  A surprise for a gourmet dinner with beautiful food and good wine with friends.

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