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Its important to select healthy food items such as fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, natural sugars, 100% wholes grains with clean protein. 1) CHAI-SPICED GRANOLA: This chai-spiced granola recipe brings all of the goodness of chai seasonings to a protein-packed, naturally-sweetened granola! 2) BAKED PARMESAN ZUCCHINI: A healthy and popular clean snack you will want to include on the menu for your family. 8) PEANUT BUTTER BANANA SANDWICH: Combine peanut butter with bananas on 100% whole grain bread for a delicious sandwich. 9) TRAIL MIX: Combine dried fruit, seeds, nuts, real dark chocolate chips with natural sugar 100% whole grain cereals.
13) FLOURLESS DOUBLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES: These flourless double chocolate brownies are naturally gluten-free and made without beans, avocado, dates, or any other alternative ingredients. 14) 100% WHOLE GRAIN PANCAKES OR WAFFLES: Either homemade or store bought top with fruit and real maple syrup versus the imitation brand.
20) ANTS ON A LOG: Celery sticks stuffed with natural peanut butter then topped with raisins. 21) GREEK SALAD: Chopped cucumber, peppers and cherry tomatoes with feta cheese and vinaigrette. 23) GUACAMOLE: 4 ripe avocados, squeeze 1 lemon, dash of cayenne pepper, small onion diced, garlic clove minced, 1 TSP sea salt, medium tomato seeded and diced. 26) BANANA SMOOTHIE: Blend ? cup of sliced banana, ? cup of Greek Yogurt, and a handful of ice blended until smooth. 31) GREEN APPLE SALAD: Chopped green apple, red grapes, and walnuts sprinkled with a dressing made from honey, lemon juice and cinnamon. 32) FRESH FRUIT: Eat fruit that is in season, preferably from a local market to minimize sprayed chemicals. 36) KABOBS: Thread local or organic meat, real cheese, pineapple and cherry tomatoes onto a stick. 37) PEANUT BUTTER, BANANA WITH RAISIN: Add cinnamon, raisins to peanut butter and banana slices. 38) GRILLED PINEAPPLE: Add pineapple slices to a grill or skillet on medium heat for two minutes or until golden.
40) TORTILLA WRAP: 100% whole grain tortilla topped with protein, shredded carrots, cucumber slices, baby spinach leaves, and cranberry relish. 45) POPSICLES: Puree watermelon, strawberries, mango, banana, etc then freeze in popsicle molds. 47) CHEESY ROASTED ASPARAGUS: Place four asparagus spears spritzed with olive-oil on a baking sheet. 48) TURKEY ROLL-UPS: Another creative way to use turkey is to use 4 slices turkey dipped in 2 TSP of honey mustard.
49) STRAWBERRY SALAD: Add 1 cup of fresh spinach, ? cup of sliced strawberries with 1 TBSP of balsamic vinegar. 53) CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES: Dip 5 strawberries in 2 squares of dark melted chocolate.

54) HONEY FLAVORED YOGURT: In a bowl place ? cup of Greek yogurt with a dash of cinnamon and 1 TSP of  raw honey.
55) TROPICAL SMOOTHIE: Blend ? cup of pineapple juice, orange juice, and apple juice with ice. 61) FROZEN BANANA: Peel the banana then place in the freezer overnight for a yummy popsicle. 62) PRE ASSEMBLED SALAD: If your veggies are pre-washed you can put this together very quickly. 64) FROZEN GRAPES: Place fresh grapes in the freezer overnight for a nice treat the next day. 65) WHOLE GRAIN CRACKERS: Purchase any 100% whole grain crackers with minimal processed ingredients and top it with cheese, peanut butter, pate or tuna.
Blend mangoes, coconut cream and frozen bananas. Top with coconut shreds, 2 scoops of dragonfruit, carob chips, finally top with 1 scoop of homemade mango ice cream! 67) CHEESY BREADED TOMATOES: Two roasted plum tomatoes sliced and topped with 2 TBSP of 100% whole grain breadcrumbs sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Ground flax seeds, psyllium husks, maca powder, acai powder, almonds, oats and parsley, agave or dates. 70) HEALTHY MANGO AND GREEK YOGURT SMOOTHIE: Cinnamon gives this smoothie a good kick in the taste buds. This smoothie is simply delicious! 71) BLACK FOREST SMOOTHIE: Chocolate and cherries combine to make one deliciously thick and creamy Gluten Free Black Forest Smoothie. 72) APPLESAUCE: Add applesauce on top of granola and Greek Yogurt for a  quick no-cook “apple crisp”. 84)  CHOCOLATE DIPPED ALMOND BUTTER BANANA BITES: A quick sweet treat for anyone in the family.
86) APPLE ALMOND BUTTER STACKS: Organic apple slices filled with almond butter and granola for a super delicious snack. 87) 4 INGREDIENT STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM: You may substitute with light coconut cream milk for the heavy cream. 100) SALMON JERKY: I love salmon and this is a great way to prepare salmon as a Gluten Free and Paleo treat.
102) GRAIN-FREE MUDSLIDE FUDGE COOKIES: Melt in your mouth delicious gluten free chocolate dessert. 105) HOMEMADE HOT CHOCOLATE:  A quick, delicious, yummy homemade dairy and sugar free hot chocolate recipe. 109) CHOCOLATE-PEANUT BUTTER GRANOLA APPLE BITES: A delicious snack that is actually good for you.
111) STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM SMOOTHIE: Vegan and Gluten Free, this sweet and creamy smoothie is like a strawberry milkshake, but healthier.
113) CREAMIEST VEGAN CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM: Vegan and Gluten Free delicious option for chocolate ice cream.
114) HOMEMADE HEALTHY KOMBUCHA FRUIT SNACKS: This fruit snack is filled with tons of health benefits.

115) OVEN BAKED ITALIAN MEATBALLS WITH MARINARA SAUCE: For those in my kitchen who love meat. 117) QUINOA GRANOLA: Quinoa adds extra crunch and nutrients to this crunchy, tasty granola vegan recipe! 118) HEALTHY GREEK YOGURT AND HONEY BLUEBERRY MUFFINS:  For a quick snack or treat indulge in soft, buttery, SUPER fluffy blueberry muffins! 120) HEALTHY STRAWBERRY OAT SQUARES: Easy to make these oat bars contain only 1 TBSP of refined sugar, no flour, butter or oil. To adopt or maintain your clean eating habits long term, try this unique method, click here. I just read this post for the first time, but I don't see a print option or a poster to download. Farmer's markets are an excellent place to go to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. To add to my previous comment, you can label and save the recipe drafts in a separate e-mail folder if you don't want to print it out.
How does one eat a diet such as this when allergic to legumes, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, coconut, etc.? Deanna, Multiple allergies are a big challenge to manage in any way of eating, but it can be done.
I would love to print it out and hang it up for my my kids to see and I noticed that you replied you were going to do one of those buttons. Now its time to use your ingredients to prepare healthy clean eating snacks that can be prepared quickly. Below are clean eating snack recipes and suggestions that can easily be combined to create a healthy clean meal. Luckily, we’ve learned that the key to juggling a busy schedule is to maintain stable energy levels throughout your day. By stocking your pantry, desk, or handbag with unprocessed snacks, you’ll quickly eliminate refined sugar, sodium, and unnecessary chemicals from your diet.
Then build the quesadillas by adding ingredients such as grated full fat cheese, tomatoes, beans, corn, olives, avocado, guacamole. Snacking on nutritious food options will keep you fueled up, but, unfortunately, the most easily accessible snacks are not always the healthiest! You can even highlight and copy the photos, or the entire article with photos, and transfer the same way.
Packages of processed chips, crackers, and fruit snacks lurk behind the glass of every vending machine.

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