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HEALTH UNIT #1:  HEALTHY EATING and HEALTHY CONNECTIONSThis component of the Healthy Living strand equips students with theknowledge and skills they need to make healthy eating choices.
Students learn to examinetheir own food choices and eating patterns and then make decisions and set appropriategoals, while working within parameters that they can control. Major topics include Canada’sFood Guide, nutrition, food choices, factors influencing eating habits,skills for healthy eating, food trends, oral and dental health, food systems, and connections between eating choices, chronic disease prevention, and the health of the environment.  The learning in this topic area emphasizes the importance of student involvement in making food choices and preparing meals and snacks. The objective is to encourage students to develop a sense of personal responsibility for taking care of themselves and making healthy food decisions.

This knowledgeis integrated with the development of a variety of living skills that help students makeand maintain healthy choices.This strand also addresses addictions and related behaviours that can lead to addictions orcompulsive behaviour, such as online gambling, excessive screen time, or self-harm. Hands-on experiences with food help students make real connections between what they learn in the classroom and their own lives. It includesdiscussion of the relationship between substance use and abuse and mental health disorderssuch as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. For example, growth and development educationfocuses on an understanding of sexuality in its broadest context – sexual development,reproductive health, interpersonal relationships, affection, abstinence, body image, and genderroles.

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