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Biggest challenge is to select the right snack that can satisfy the hunger without being harmful to the body. Healthy Snack IdeasIf it can provide the nutrition to the craving body then it can be called as the ideal healthy snack diet available on this planet. We are discussing such snacks that can be helpful to bring great nutrition and energy to your body without harming it. The best snacks for managing hunger on a reduced-calorie diet are about 100 to 200 calories and have a mix of carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat.Weight loss snacksAppleThis is loaded with water and proteins. Both of them help to reduce the cravings and bring nutrition to the body.Fruit and String CheeseThey both will keep you full for a longer time due to water, protein and fats in them. The fiber present will slow the breakdown of sugars which will stop the rapid sugar hikes in the body.Vegetables and Nut ButterVegetables such as celery and carrot sticks are low in calories, high-nutrient, and rich in fiber, making them a good option if you crave crunchy snacks.
A tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter will also add the protein and fat to promote the fullness.

Since nuts are calorie-dense, limiting your portion to a small handfula€”about 14 almondsa€”will keep your calorie count reasonable for weight loss. Additionally, if you are watching your sodium intake, look for low-sodium versions of pretzels and nuts.Plain Yogurt and BerriesPlain yogurt is high in protein and calcium while berries are low-calorie and high-fiber sweetener that tastes good with each other.
Greek-style yogurt has more protein and less sugar than traditional varieties, which can help reduce hunger while the low fat content will keep the calories on bay. Therefore this should have some discipline and health attached to it rather than being unhealthy and unlimited.Weight gaining snacksFor the weight gain snack one must follow the simple principle of adding more calories than the amount spend daily by your body. They are high in mono-saturated fats, and even contain a healthy dose of protein and calories.
Dona€™t avoid the nutritious flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios, and other nuts and seeds.TunaTuna has been a long-time favorite of fitness buffs.
Some would argue that ita€™s perfect for losing weight because of this fisha€™s low fat content. Being high in protein and healthy calories makes it a perfect snack choice for those who wish to gain weight.Whole Fat Dairy ProductsEat full-cream and whole milk products to add fat to your body.

High fat dairy products are rich in protein and fat, which will help you quickly gain weight. Yogurt too can be added as this also contains some fat addimg qualities.Healthy Snack for Weight LossCrackers and BagelsCrackers and bagels made from whole wheat, bran and sesame can help you pack on some pounds.
Add peanut butter, jams, margarine or honey to get more of those calories and proteins.CerealsGo for a healthy diet of granola, oats and muesli with some raisins and fruits, and drink a glass full of whole milk. Dried fruits like dried prunes, raisins and the like are also advised to be included in this meal plan.Traditional FoodsThey are the snacks which have some carbohydrates and fats to add to their tastes and smell.

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