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I am a regular smoothie drinker and Sometimes what I do, I blend up all my favorite vegetables & fruits, and drink a healthy smoothie rather than take a meal.
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Below, we found 16 delicious breakfast smoothie recipes that will fill you up and keep you energized all morning long.
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This creamy smoothie is made with Greek yogurt and organic grapes, and while it may taste indulgent, it’s free of refined sugar and high in fiber and protein.
If you’re interested in keeping the almond flavor, but don’t want to use extract, add a small spoonful of almond butter or a splash of almond milk. If you’re looking for a filling boost of protein then this is the breakfast smoothie for you.
This smoothie is great for those mornings when your brain is still thinking about bed, but your body is headed to work. This recipe starts with coconut water which is an excellent source of electrolytes and potassium. This is your low calorie (less than 200 calories per serving), nutrient-packed, take-on-the-day energy smoothie.
I add bananas and or mangoes in combination with cooked pumpkin, spinach [not too much], grapes, carrot juice, cashews, almonds.
I agree that preparing a smoothie that flushes out toxins and promotes energy is actually easy. All your recipes sounds scrumptious.Will make a try on the same and let you know the result.
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There’s nothing more delicious or satisfying than mixing up healthy smoothie recipes first thing in the morning. My guess is that one of these healthy balanced drinks in the morning keeps me fuller throughout the day, it helps to kick-start my metabolism and keeps it in sync. But don’t forget, if you have a favorite recipe please feel free to add it to this collection! We are looking to build a fantastic library, packed with easy and simple smoothie recipes that are free and will remain that way forever… For everyone’s enjoyment! Our strawberry and banana smoothie recipes not only taste good, they are packed full of goodness, they are literally the perfect way to kick start your day!.. Fresh fruit smoothie recipes are becoming more and more popular with people as they realize they can make all kinds of tasty blender fruit drinks.
As professional Baristas we are always making great efforts to adopt a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We love to make smoothies and shakes using our high performance blender, and our blog is where we post the latest blender recipe creations.
Instead, use frozen fruit or portion out your own fruit (berries or bananas are good choices) and keep them sliced in the freezer for instant access.
Kefir is loaded with calcium and protein, and the cucumber and lemon juice have natural detoxifying benefits. If you don’t mind messing with the color, feel free to add any leafy green you prefer.
Between frozen fruit and yogurt, this smoothie will be thick and delicious without the ice.
The recipe calls for low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, but for breakfast you might want to use nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt instead.

Because of the seeds, you should allow the smoothie to blend longer than usual, or you can strain it. Pomegranate juice, almonds, protein powder, and banana all mixed together in one tasty treat.
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If you were good at something and worked hard, that was usually enough to move up the ranks.
In fact I try to make it a routine in my life to always start the day off with a tasty smoothie. They’re all healthy and nutritious, and I know that you will enjoy them as much as I did, try them out!
These healthy berry smoothie recipes are sure to become as much of a favorite in your family as they are in ours!.. Here I show some of the more successful concoctions that I made recently, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!.. And with the rising heat well above 50, this is the perfect weather to have something so cool.
Topping this smoothie with a little granola will make for a lovely weekend brunch appetizer. If you prefer almond butter, you could use a tablespoon of that instead of the raw almonds. The white beans make it extra creamy, and the mango, fresh mint, and unsweetened coconut balance the flavor.
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