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While you?re enjoying the fall weather between football games and shopping for halloween costumes, your crock pot stays at home and does the work. Dried beans are very economical as well as nutritious food, although they can take a long time to cook. Let your crock pot simmer all night or all day; when you?re ready for dinner, your meal will be warm and ready to serve. You don?t have to feel guilty after indulging in a meal prepared with your crock pot; there are plenty of healthy recipes.

The tougher cuts used for crock pot like the chuck shoulder usually benefit from the long, slow cooking. Breakfast casseroles are easy; just mix up hash browns, eggs and fresh veggies and start the slow cooker before bed. Add a single pound of white beans, onion, rosemary and garlic to the crock pot for the Tuscan-style white beans.
Throw the ingredients in and let them go while you head to a POWER Hour at TITLE Boxing Club.

Your meal will be ready when you get home (and you?ll only have to clean one dish!) Below are a few healthy crock pot meals perfect for fall.
To transform this dinner classic into a healthy crock pot meal, trim the fat and add butternut squash, carrots and onion.

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