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I remember my rabbi giving a sermon about the Kohanim in the Temple making offerings to G-d. There are several reasons given, but my favorite as offered by my rabbi was that it was likened to spirituality itself.
Similarly, if we are not growing spiritually, we are losing ground; there is no standing still. We should all take positive steps to start fresh and renew our commitment to personal health. The Atlanta Jewish Times provides Jewish Atlantans with a shared sense of opportunity, significance and achievement by supporting and encouraging community activities among members of the Jewish community. August 28, 2014 By Simone EllinAs children return to school this week, some parents, physicians and scientists are engaged in an increasingly fierce debate over the safety and necessity of childhood vaccinations for diseases such as polio, hepatitis B, pertussis, diphtheria and chicken pox. Emotions run high on both sides, with parents who choose not to vaccinate claiming that they face ostracism by their neighbors and worrying that, if found out, their children will be banned from schools, car pools and play groups. Instead, these parents believe that it is the vaccines, rather than the diseases they inoculate against, that pose dangers to their children.
Views such as that have many doctors and health policymakers concerned about the risk of diseases reappearing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parental refusal or deferral of childhood vaccinations has led to an increase in diseases such as measles, which was a€?officially eliminateda€? in the U.S.
Pertussis, a bacterial disease that causes violent fits of coughing and is known as whooping cough, has experienced a record increase this year, according to the CDC, with 9,964 cases being reported between Jan. Mumps and chicken pox as well have made comebacks in recent years, and for the most part, the CDC attributes the increase in all of these formerly a€?eliminateda€? diseases to low vaccination coverage in certain communities. Conversely, when relatively high numbers of people in a community are not vaccinated, that protection is diminished. Despite these outbreaks, authorities maintain that most religious Jews are vaccinated and believe in the safety of vaccinations.
Generally speaking, Jews who have chosen not to vaccinate have done so for medical, not religious, reasons. An increase in concerns about the safety of vaccinations was seen after the publication of a 1998 study by Dr.
The same year, Wakefielda€™s study was discredited and his article was retracted by a€?Lanceta€? after journalist Brian Deere uncovered evidence of Wakefielda€™s medical misconduct, including the use of fraudulent data, unethical treatment of children and undisclosed conflicts of interest. Still, the belief that vaccinations may cause autism, sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes, asthma, allergies and other developmental disabilities rages on. Her pediatrician offered to inoculate her daughter at the first visit, but by the one month checkup, M.D.
If those who vaccinate their children a€?really believe vaccinations protect, why are they afraid we are putting them at risk?a€? wondered M.D.
His response to those who say vaccines arena€™t effective: a€?Vaccines work extremely well, but they are not perfect,a€? he said. Government approved vaccines are not only overwhelmingly safe and effective, they are kosher, too. If Haredim or any other community does not wish to vaccinate, then let them go to Israel or wherever they came from. I’m vaccine injured with multiple sclerosis that developed within 19 days of my initial hepatitis b vaccine. I am Roman Catholic and have a religious exemption for my child to not receive the hepatitis b vaccine.

I had a friend who had meningococcal meningitis, the disease you claim is only a problem in sub-Saharan Africa. As for no incentive to provide uncontaminated product, it is true that the US provides an insurance pool which pays for claims against vaccine makers.
There is a huge tendency to flat out deny that vaccines could be responsible for causing any issue beyond a fever and irritability, which is ridiculous. Children who receive the entire 3-shot series of Hepatitis B Vaccine have a 9x higher rate of developmental disabilities than unvaccinated children. Note: This is the only peer reviewed published study I know of in the world that compares vaccinated children to unvaccinated children. We are either investing, improving, growing, getting stronger, or we are getting less healthy and weaker. Research has demonstrated that elderly people who have lost their independence are able to regain independence when put on a regular exercise regimen. Every day we get another chance: Sleep more, don’t skip meals, have a healthy breakfast, don’t drink your calories in the form of sodas and fruit juices, buy organic fruits and vegetables, move more, stand more rather than sit, drink clean water, engage a buddy to train with, learn more about the latest in health information. David Shapiro, certified at the highest level in chiropractic biophysics, is the founder and chief wellness officer of Complete Spine Solutions in Tucker. Those who do vaccinate their children claim that those who dona€™t are putting young babies and the immuno-compromised at risk and subjecting first-world societies to potential epidemics of diseases once thought eradicated. Although there have been parents who chose not to vaccinate their children as far back as the late 18th century when the smallpox vaccine was developed, in the past 15 years, the number of parents in the U.S.
That may explain, say scientists, why close-knit communities such as the Amish and others who refuse vaccination because of their religious beliefs have been among the hardest hit by these outbreaks. Andrew Wakefield of England in the medical journal a€?Lanceta€? that asserted a correlation between the vaccine given to prevent measles, mumps and rubella and digestive inflammation and autism. In the aftermath of Deerea€™s reporting, Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine in the United Kingdom and was dismissed from his position as a gastroenterologist and researcher at the Royal Free Hospital.
She is unfazed by the possibility that her children might contract any of the diseases vaccines are meant to prevent, and she does not believe they are endangering others. Neal Halsey, director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins University, agrees that people should base their decisions on facts and research as well. This is because the cost of the payout to the US government is much less than the cost of an epidemic. Do you know that nearly every report that proves there isn’t a connection between autism and vaccines was in part authored by Paul Tornsen. Wakefield is an unfortunate scapegoat for a very shaky medico legal system must denounce whoever threatens its foundations. He has been a guinea pig for the CDC, FDA, big pharma, and our corrupt government for far too long. You want your child to have a possibility of dying from all those diseases, because there’s also a possibility they’ll recover? In spite of the recent disclosure of a 20 year old CDC coverup that MMR does indeed cause autism?
There is ample documentation to she vaccines cause autism and the CDC recently admitted they lied and omitted research that shows that.
Using no effort with limited tire friction and allowing the momentum from my earlier effort to carry me forward, the feeling was exhilarating. On a ramp, you are either moving up or down; standing in one place with no effort is not an option.

With all these opportunities to improve our health each and every day, may we all be inspired not to coast.
A small but growing number of todaya€™s parents, most of whom are too young to remember when the vaccines for these diseases did not exist, are convinced that the diseases no longer pose serious risks to the public health. Initially, some believed that thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative contained in some vaccines, could be a culprit.
The cost of a lawsuit, groundless or no, is enough to erase a year’s profits from a vaccine. Go to the greater good website and see all the medical research that shows the link between vaccines and autism. A coach needs to inspire, be a role model, help people set personal goals, and plan out the bite-size steps to achieve them. This was reportedly the largest outbreak in the United States since the endemic spread of measles was eliminated.
Nonetheless, the CDC and FDA monitor the contents of vaccines very closely, and the FDA shuts down any plants in non-compliance. Vaccines are vastly oversimplified by those that push them on the public, do your research, open your eyes, the truth and the proof that vaccines cause harm is freely available for those willing to look beyond the well rehearsed jargon of the public health officials and the media. We spent, borrowed and charged everything we had to get our daughter to functioning recovery.
8 of this year, 18 outbreaks and 593 confirmed measles cases occurred in the United States. Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics and vaccine manufacturers decided that all but trace amounts of thimerosal should be eliminated from vaccines. All the parents whose children have been damaged or died from vaccines KNOW what CAUSED the problems, they saw it happen, yet so many are told there was no relation, couldn’t have been the vaccine, what lies.
What in the world do you think Autism and all the side effects that come along with it are?
Your child who gets polio has a CHANCE to get over it, but also a CHANCE to spend her life in a iron lung or wheelchair. Research in the US and Europe continues to show the same increase in autism cases whether the parents vaccinated or not and regardless of the components in the vaccine. Yet, a 2010 CDC study published in the journal a€?Pediatricsa€? concluded that a€?exposure to ethyl mercury from thimerosal-containing immunizations during pregnancy a€¦ or as a young childa€? was not associated with any autism-spectrum disorders. Your child who gets mumps has a CHANCE to recover and a CHANCE he will never be able to have children.
Vaccines are temporary, hit or miss, and contain VERY harmful ingredients as well as big blood and DNA, DNA from aborted fetal tissue, and other things like Aluminum known to cause neurological harm (motor neurons especially). Your child who gets measles has a CHANCE to recover and a CHANCE to be permanently blinded or have serious brain damage which she will NEVER get over. 6 months to 2 years is when they begin to talk and respond to social cues and also happens to be when vaccines are first given.
In fact, it is becoming clearer and clearer that this focus on vaccines to the exclusion of all else is detrimental to autism activism.

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