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The festive season, which stretches from Halloween to New Years, is fast approaching and we all know what that means!
By paying attention to what you’re eating, you can make small adjustments to the types of foods you eat, to portion size, etc. With these tips, we are confident that you will eat healthier this holiday season and make it through without gaining weight.
First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The Only Oil Used at The Impeccable Plate! It's that time of the year again; Christmas parties, family get-together's, exchanging gifts, baking, shopping. Most people struggle with their nutrition and diets during the holidays and others give up completely and indulge. If you want to keep your waistline in check during the holidays, you are going to have to take some precautions to ensure temptation doesn't get the best of you. We're going to cover some easy tips on how to make your holiday season healthy and weight conscious without stressing you out.
Keep in mind that these are basic hints and tips to keep in check for the holidays, and not for every day use. Even if you have a dinner or Christmas party planned for the evening; continue to eat your regularly scheduled balanced meals.
I'm not talking about your party buddies; I'm talking about a handful of almonds, cashews, walnuts or any other nut of this kind. Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988 and is a certified personal fitness instructor and specialist in performance nutrition.
I will EXPOSE all the myths being sold on the late night infomercial's, media, magazine ads, etc. We also hope that you are able to spread some healthy tips and meals to those who you choose to dine with this holiday. Your goals should be more important than anything and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way of reaching your goals. And for those who took the day to enjoy some great meals get back on the healthy train tomorrow!

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Well we at The Impeccable Plate believe that eating healthier is easier than you think and we are here to help you this holiday season.
You can still enjoy your favorite indulgences this holiday season; just eat them occasionally and in moderation. Especially during the holidays, know that you’ll have more opportunities to eat festive snacks and desserts. Do not eat in front of the TV or computer, or while standing in the kitchen or talking on the phone.
As we continue to become increasingly distracted by modern technology, our focus on health can fall to the back burner.
Write down everything you eat, look at it, then identify why you ate it – was it hunger, stress, boredom?
Sure, it's ok to have a Christmas Day meal or some dazzling treats at the office Christmas party, but often time's people take their little scheduled cheats too far and it gets out of hand. In doing this, it will keep your metabolism up and you will be less likely to over indulge. Also, before attending any type of arrangement where food will be served, it's wise to drink a pint or two before going. Before attending an event that will be serving tasty treats that are sugar loaded, plan your day in your head.
Fibrous non-starchy vegetables are great fillers, low in calories and carbohydrates, control blood sugar, full of vitamins and minerals, and they curb your appetite. Nuts and seeds contain essential fatty acids that can take the edge off cravings and blunt hunger. It is fine and dandy to have a drink here or there, just keep an eye on the amount you drink so you don't overdo it. You never know when mad hunger will strike, or worse, being stuck in traffic or a blizzard.
She is a nationally qualified natural female bodybuilder, holding numerous titles in the southern states including two overalls.

She also writes articles for several fitness websites, and distributes two monthly newsletters regarding weight loss and female bodybuilding. Everything on our menu is already portion controlled and the calories have been determined for you. If you’re not hungry, wait until you are – just don’t wait until you’re famished because you might overeat.
If you tend to get hungry between meals, bring along a 200-calorie, whole grain, high-fiber snack.  Fiber keeps you feeling full longer.
This gives your body enough time to trigger your brain that you are satisfied (not necessarily full). This will fill you up and take the edge off cravings you might develop when party food is in front of you.
Think about your regular meals and eating them, and how you feel after you eat something of quality. If you must drink, red wine is always an excellent choice, but only if it's limited to a glass or two. It will be comforting to know that you have your emergency protein stash in your purse when needed. Also, know how many calories your body requires each day and make “room” in your daily calories for desserts vice just making room in your stomach. There are now apps that manage food records, count calories, help you track what you eat and even provide guidance on healthy food choices at the grocery store and restaurants.
Unfortunately most Americans eat too much during the holiday season and the result is weight gain followed by a New Year’s resolution to lose the weight.
As you see yourself attending your party, see yourself not wanting the high-calorie foods that set before you.

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