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November 29, 2013 By Jenn Lifford 16 Comments We all know that the holidays are filled with lots of delicious food but, unfortunately, most of it is loaded with sugar and fat. So… if you are wanting your kiddos to take a little break from the sweets but still let them in on that Christmas festivity, here are some fabulous healthy Christmas food ideas for kids. Nothing makes a gift more personal than taking the time to choose something suited specifically for the recipient.
These ideas are suitable not just for the holidays, but for year-long gift-giving on any special occasion. Quick kitchen food gift ideas• Gather up treasured family recipes and copy them into a colorful purchased journal. Do not forget to include your favorite cookie recipe.• Purchase a bundt cake with the hole in the center. We are going into the last weekend before Christmas and I bet you there will be masses heading to the mall. The brownie bites and brownie mix in a jar from earlier this week, made me think of all the other recipes on my blog that make wonderful homemade gifts. Since I figured out how to make nut butters at home, I rarely buy them at the store anymore.
And even people on your list that never, ever, not-even-for-Christmas eat anything unhealthy can get some homemade food gifts.
Finally, if you’d rather give something to last a little longer than a few weeks after Christmas, homemade baking mixes are the solution. Naturally, as someone who loves to cook and bake, I love sharing delicious homemade Christmas treats with our family and friends.
Decide what you're going to makeGet your recipes, take a look at what ingredients you have and what you'll need to buy and get everything ready.
You'll find cute Christmas tins filled with cookies in just about any department store - but why not make your own cookies?! Ideas for using them after Christmas? If you don't want to keep your tin for Christmas next year, why not give it a makeover with some spray paint and chalkboard paint? It's no secret that jars have been all the rage for the last couple of years - but they're also perfect for Christmas gifting! The Reject Shop have an awesome range of jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes - from bulk packs (which are perfect if you're making gifts for lots of people) to single jars, like the one you see below with our snowballs, (just $3!) there is something for just about every type of treat! Recipes which are perfect for these jars? The Reject Shop have such a huge range of jars that you can really use them for any treat! I loveeeeee these Christmas Noodle Boxes from the Reject Shop - and at $2.50 for 4, they're perfect for gifting!
Recipes which are perfect for these boxes? As I said, these boxes are especially great for treats you need to keep in the fridge (as they're so compact and stackable one wrapped and closed) but they're also a great way to put together a selection of different treats! Baker's Twine ($4 a reel)It seems to have been the year of bakers twine and mason jars so we are using lots in our Christmas wrapping. Ribbons Galore ($1-3 a roll)I love fabric ribbons and The Reject Shop have them in every kind of shape, colour and pattern you could think of!
Gift Tags ($1-4 a set)Katrina loves traditional Christmas tags with cute graphics, whilst I love decorating my own. Foil Ribbons ($2.50 for a ribbon and bow set)Whilst I love fabric ribbons, you can't curl them - so I always have some foil ribbon in my stash.
Be organisedMake a plan of action - that way you'll know exactly what you're doing and when you're doing it and you won't be running around like a headless chook! Think about how long things will last and how they need to be stored!Cookies will last for a few days at room temperature in an airtight container whilst chocolate truffles need to be kept refridgerated - be aware of how you need to store your treats and how you're going to give them. Have some things ready for unexpected visitors!Things like Rocky Road, Paneforte or Fruit Cake will last for weeks in the fridge and are perfect for keeping as a last minute gift (when unexpected guests arrive!) and we usually have Noodle Boxes of Rocky Road in our fridge over Christmas for exactly that reason! Whether she’s working from the office or working from home, food storage items are a great pick for Christmas gifts. Christmas ornaments are a great stocking stuffer or gift, but with added touches like personalization or customization they’ll make meaningful or thoughtful gifts.
Accessories can always the best choice for Christmas gift because they’re not the main star of the outfit just something to accentuate the outfit. Necklaces can be the perfect Christmas gift choice, especially when a little thought and heart goes into the gift. She’ll need somewhere to store her amazing jewelry and we recommend one of our stylish and incredible jewelry boxes.
Stocking stuffer items can be hard to figure out too, but we suggest our personalized compact mirror. Aprons are a great gift for everyone on your list, they’re the ideal tool for indoor or outdoor work. Our collection of cosmetic bags are incredible choices for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. Don’t steryotype flasks as gifts for him only, flasks can also be terrific gifts for her.
This entry was posted in Christmas and tagged Aprons Gift Ideas, Cheese Set Gift Ideas, Christmas Gift Ideas, Christmas Gift Ideas for Her, Christmas Ideas, Cosmetic Bag Gift Ideas, Cutlery Set Gift Ideas, Flask for Her Gift Ideas, Food Storage Gift Ideas, Gift for Her, Gift Ideas, Gift Ideas for Her, Holiday Gift Ideas, HotRef, iPhone Case Gift Ideas, Jewelry Box Gift Ideas, Other Christmas Gifts For Her, Personalized Bracelets Gift Ideas, Personalized Christmas Ornament Gift Ideas, Personalized Compact Mirror Gift Ideas, Personalized Necklace Gift Ideas, Scarf Gift Ideas. I love the fruit kebabs and the fruit Christmas tree is literally making my mouth water – lovely ideas. Or, print them on pretty recipe cards fitted into a categorized recipe box.• Purchase candycanes or any interesting-flavored candy sticks. Make a small nosegay of silk flowers in an inexpensive miniature bud vase and place in the center.
I am not saying you can’t give a fancy gadget from your heart, but there is just something very heartfelt about homemade gifts. Cut into little squares and wrapped in a clear cellophane bag they will be received with open arms and mouths. Baking them in mini muffin pans gives them extra appeal, and makes them easy to pack and snack.
But I have to admit, for the last little while I haven’t taken the time to make it myself.
The last thing you want to do is be all set to go and find that you don't have half of what you need to make your treats! Try placing each truffle in a mini cupcake case to stop them sticking together)- Low Fat Gingerbread Men (also gluten free!)Who are these tins good for? Anyone! Not only can you make cute gifts in a jar using fun stocking stuffers (like The Reject Shop have done here) - you can also fill them with delicious Christmas Treats! My biggest tip is that you need to find a jar which has a mouth wide enough to easily fit your treats. Not only do they look cute, they're the perfect way to package up treats - especially ones you need to keep in the fridge as you can stack them even after they're wrapped! Simply make and shape the dough (or whatever you're making), freeze the dough on sheets of baking paper until solid and then place in a zip lock bag on your baking paper (we usually fold the baking paper and wrap them in rows). For example, you don't want to give chocolate truffles to a friend at a picnic on a hot sunny day because they'll never make it home in one piece! From different shapes to different designs, we have exactly what you’re looking for in ornaments.
Last year our scarves were one of the best selling gifts from our Christmas Gift Ideas blog.

Our selection of necklaces come in so many different shapes and sizes, we feature circle pendants, cross pendants, heart pendants, and much more. Our collection of bracelets include a variety of designs and styles to match any outfit or personality. The Flask Just for Her comes in a stylish pink color and decorated with cute flower designs. The Jewelry Ball Point Pen & Heart Strap Gift Set is a fabulously stylish gift or stocking stuffer.
Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Gift Ideas for Him blog, and stay tuned for our other installments of Christmas Gift Ideas.
I love all things crafty and creative and have created this blog to share my ideas and favorite finds.
What they should be asking is, “What will women love?” This must-read list of the best gifts for women has the answers. Instead of joining all the other stressed out shoppers at the stores, let me encourage you to head to the kitchen instead. And I am completely ruined for the store-bought stuff, after having tasted delicious homemade granola. Not only are they filled with delicious Christmas Treats - they can be filled with whatever your recipient desires after their done! Then all you have to do is defrost your cookies before you're planning on baking them and they're ready to bake!
Finding the right gift can be simple with a little help and guidance in the right direction, here’s our list of Christmas gift ideas for her.
For those who enjoy entertaining, this 6-piece knife set is a great item to impress guests with. The Personalized Pashmina Scarf comes available in 4 fabulous fashionable colors that make wonderful gifts for any woman, personalize the scarf for a memorable gift. The Personalized Rounded Edge Cross Pendant is a great example of a quality necklace for the holiday season. The Personalized Precious Photos Charm Bracelet is fabulous for a grandmother who wants to show off her amazing grand kids.
The Personalized Silver Plated Heart Trinket Box is a great way to present the jewelry and can double a jewelry box after.
The Matte Pink Flask & Shot Glass Gift Box Set is also a great choice and comes with shot glasses to enjoy the flask with anyone. Your path to enlightenment may be closer than you think… Sleep Master Sleep MaskSomeone very wise probably once said, “Sleep is the key to happiness”.
There you have a gift idea for me ?? Mason jars are fantastic containers and gift packing for granola. Try layering different wrapping papers and topping them with a piece of ribbon (I used a fun piece of green rickrack) for a simple but effective decoration!
From our recent arrivals of new products, we also received a few new salad containers that are fabulous gifts as well.
Consider the Bamboo Cheese Set if she’s into sampling different cheese with her wine.
The Laguiole® 6 Piece Array Steak Knife Set is also a great cutlery set, and it’s a wonderful hostess gift. We also have a variety of designs to choose from for many of the personalized Christmas ornaments. Any of the bracelets will match all of our necklace choices, pair the two gifts for a thoughtful gift set.
Personalize the compact with something sweet and it’ll be a memorable gift or stocking stuffer.
It’s a bubbly shade of pink that will brighten any housework and add the perfect cover for her clothes. The spacious cosmetic bag comes in a stylish black outside with a hint of pink trimming for the perfect details.
Read on for quick gifts, packaging ideas, and how to get your gift there in one piece via air or ground. Use whole clove studs interspersed and leftover pine clippings or fresh herbs as a decorative base.• Purchase a salt mill or pepper grinder and package with gourmet salt or peppercorns. Improved memory, reduced stress and the desire to reward the giver of such a thoughtful present are all proven benefits of a good night’s sleep.
There’s the Salad Shaker Set which is the vertical salad container, perfect for quick salad snack.
For those who enjoy cooking the Laguiole Cutting Board Set is a great, it comes equipped with all the tools for preparing dinner or meals. Add some personalized details to create the perfect apron gift, pair that with kitchen tools or garden tools for a fabulous gift set.
The Color Dip Salad Bowl Set allows for extra toppings to stay crisp before dressing the salad. The Laguiole 5-Piece Knife Block Set is another excellent hostess gift but also a great gift for those who enjoy cooking. For the non salad eater or meal prepper, the Stayfit lunch express is a great choice to pre pack meals before work. All of the necessary components for an unforgettable picnic are included, plus you will be set to make a quick escape when the grizzly bears show up. The bowl serves double duty as a cup, so whether she is slurping down cereal or green tea, she can sit back, relax, and bask in the glorious simplicity that is her life. Useful for serving beverages or setting the mood with tea light candles, they are a much cheaper alternative to flying to Morocco yourself. Buy her fresh flowers to put in them, and you will quickly become the crown jewel of her life. As her eyes light upon this gift in awe, her first question will surely be, “Where’d you find it?!” $35Air Plant TerrariumHarken back to high school biology, in a good way, by giving her this sleek and stylish air plant terrarium.
Requiring almost no upkeep, she doesn’t even need to have a green thumb to enjoy this fun and unique gift. She won’t even notice that she’s not at a five-star hotel… or that you forgot to include actual spa passes. Her name will be stylishly strewn across her neckline and you will be getting bonus points for buying such a personal and meaningful gift. Colorful, exciting and environmentally friendly, they will instantly turn up the fun factor on your gal’s most mundane grocery store runs.
It even comes with a honey dipper, but feel free to go Winnie-the-Pooh style and use your hands. Instant gratification equals eternal gratitude, so you are going to earn major points with this gift. Just as soon as she’s done checking Facebook… $82.99Kindle PaperwhiteYour favorite bookworm will love you forever when you get her the most advanced e-reader on the planet. With 8 weeks of battery life and the capacity to hold up to 1,100 books, she’s going to be the most well-read woman in the room… reading over there in the corner. Show her you care about every part of her body from her head to her toes with this incredibly luxurious massaging foot warmer.

As her stress melts away at the end of a long day, you will be there to receive her appreciative smile.
Not only are these watches water resistant, but include a powerful LED to light even the darkest places.
PRICES VARYLomography Diana F+ CameraThis iconic 1960s lo-fi camera can help the photographer in your life produce whimsical masterpieces with every click of the shutter.
Plus, having a wide array of herbs and veggies at her fingertips will solidify her status as chef extraordinaire. Bonus: It is low maintenance, so once you get the ecosystem set up, you can both sit back, relax, and watch your new world come to life. The spices are efficiently and fashionably displayed in clear test tubes, allowing her to effortlessly perfect the science of seasoning.
She will thank you for it, just as soon as she finishes that last cup… Prices VaryHimalayan Salt LampShe’ll bathe in the ambient lighting from this Himalayan salt lamp and reap the benefits of the purified air it provides. Made from actual chunks of salt, no two lamps are the same and each has their own distinct look and glow. With over 600 TV and internet channels to choose from, you will never, ever hear the phrase, “There’s nothing to watch!” again. This colorful purse made from recycled saris is a surefire way to guarantee that she loves your gift. Chances are she doesn’t actually know what her birth month flower is, so even if you weren’t listening, any of them still make a nice gift. They may have been manufactured from lava that is over 80 million years old, but they will inject a fresh, modern vibe into any place. Show her that you two are another perfect duo by giving her this snazzy soup and sandwich tray. These growbottles are the perfect way to foster her green thumb while adding a fun do-it-yourself aspect to every meal. The diamonds will mirror the sparkle in her eye when she opens this beautiful and timeless piece.
Prove that she’s a goddess in your eyes by indulging her with this adorable gift box of soaps made to fit in the palm of her hand. Zero fast-spinning blades equal zero safety hazards, and 360 degrees of rotation means that she will stay cool no matter where she is. Show her you know your libations with this practical and useful device so she can enjoy perfectly chilled wine every time. Choose from a variety of bright colors, and she will be looking as crisp as the brisk winter air.
She will only stop smiling long enough to thank you before hoisting her new bag upon her shoulder and hitting the gym. She will be able to take this satchel everywhere she needs to go, which is perfect because as you already know, she is a woman on the move.
Comfort meets style in this lightweight fleece that any woman would love to add to her wardrobe. Pick out her favorite color and take a victory lap, because she is going to adore this gift. This means that she can spend more time doing things she actually enjoys, which, after you introduce her to the Dyson DC35, might just be more vacuuming. She will be whipping up delicious meals and treats in no time to thank you for such a unique and wonderful gift. Not to mention that its stainless steel exterior makes it a welcome addition to her kitchen landscape.
With this single-cup home-brewing system, delicious coffee can be at her fingertips when she needs it most – which is all the time.
All she has to do is slip the LINK around her arm to gain access to all of the necessary information to lose weight effectively and stay informed about her health. The sheepskin lining ensures her feet will remain toasty no matter what type of inclement weather comes her way. You understand that she deserves the best; prove it by giving her this gourmet basket full of luxurious edibles. She might even throw a Ghirardelli Caramel Square or two your way… but don’t hold your breath. Rest assured that when she looks like a million bucks, she’s going to have you to thank for it.
Now she can work out her brain muscles instead of her arm muscles thanks to this super lightweight Nook HD+. Look no further than this fun fill-in-the-blank book – it’s like Mad Libs for your relationship! She will barely be able to tear herself away from this page-turner to thank you before jumping back into the mysterious world of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter. If you don’t know who Stephanie Plum is, think of her as a modern day Sherlock Holmes… from New Jersey.
It connects to any mobile phone, computer, iPod or other Bluetooth device for high quality sound and entertainment. These message dolls are a foolproof way to prevent your top secret information from falling into the wrong hands.
No one would guess that inside each of these quirky, hand painted dolls is a small compartment with a tiny folded card for your secret message. It is breathtakingly fun and incredible and will make the perfect addition to any fun-loving woman’s collection of oddities. This whale pitcher instantly ups the fun factor of any gathering, and now that you’ve seen it, you are basically bound to buy it for her.
Solve the problem of how to store her heaps of baubles and bracelets by giving her a way to proudly and artistically display them.
Owls are known for their wisdom, but she’ll be looking to you as the wise sage for picking up such a thoughtful and practical gift. This baby elephant ring holder does just that by combining practicality and unadulterated cuteness. Just like an elephant never forgets, she will never forget who gave her such a precious gift. As the candles burn, different words are lit from within for a tranquil way to wish for the best out of life.
She might even be encouraged to bake more often, and we all know who will reap the benefits. Prices VaryInfinity Love Knot PendantShow her you’re “knot” joking when you say you will love her forever by giving her this dazzling and elegant pendant.

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