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Moving from one country to another can be stressful especially when you don’t know anyone and you have nothing to do but sit at home all day. Zumba originated from Colombia and was developed by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez. An hour of Zumba can burn up to 500 calories and more especially when complex moves are involved like wider arm movements or lower squats. Aside from helping him lose weight, Labajo says that it also helped him tone his muscles and improve his balance. Labajo plans to introduce Zumba classes to the Filipino community in the Netherlands as a healthy way of getting together. Tex-Med Crockpot Chicken ~ this is one of those throw in the pot and let it do all of the work meals –– perfect for making ahead. Country-Style Mushroom + Thyme Chicken ~ there is a creaminess to this recipe but that makes this one better, right?
Healthy Chicken Gumbo ~best served this time of year –– loaded with okra and over brown rice.

Key Lime + Garlic Roasted Chicken ~ I love a roasted chicken and this one has a bit of zing and a lot of garlic-y goodness.
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So, for an hour or so, you forget your worries. Zumba is a good way to clear your mind,” says Labajo. It is a combination of different dance moves like hip hop, salsa, samba, mambo, soca and merengue. More often than not, I engage my core, not just to tighten my abs but to improve my posture as well. Zumba is really a full-body workout. Combining quality journalism with visually engaging design, The Filipino Expat is the first lifestyle and living magazine that highlights the stories of Filipinos in Europe. Because sometimes you need to mix-up your weeknight meal and try something different while staying on the healthy and easy track, right? Our original feature stories are focused on uplifting the image of Filipinos abroad and presenting world-class expatriates who are making a difference in their adopted countries.

Chicken is one of those things that can be made fairly fast and easily converted into a flavor-packed dinner. The dance moves we do in class, especially the fast ones, require me to engage body parts in a fluid manner. Veering away from politics, show business and sensational stories, The Filipino Expat provides discerning readers with a renewed sense of pride as a Filipino, issue after issue. It’s very versatile, can be served in many forms –– from soups to sandwiches and everything in between.
Through the years of attending Zumba classes, I believe that it has improved my balance and agility,” explains Labajo.
It really is an over all around crowd pleaser, especially in my house and in my book it never hurts to have a good chicken recipe or two in your back pocket for those, well … moments.

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