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At Chartwells, we take our responsibility of catering for today's children and young adults seriously.
We know it's not just the food on the plate that is important but a real understanding of health and nutrition too. The dishes on the menu are freshly prepared everyday using quality ingredients that are responsibily sourced. As well as our weekly hot lunch menu, we offer a great range of home made savoury snacks and a self serve salad bar.
Our commitment is to delight our customers with great tasting food that contributes to their own wellbeing. Our commitment to enhancing the understanding, fun and experience of our customers and teams - creating the knowledge they need to lead a healthy life. Our commitment to a safe and sustainable environment that supports the health and well being of our customers, clients and the wider community.

The BBC reports that parents are failing to identify obesity in their children and that this will have significant consequences for their health and the health system. Our simple set of commitments - Eat, Learn, Live - helps us to educate young people about how to have a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle whilst contributing to a sustainable world. Our team of nutritionists develop all our menus to ensure balanced, healthy choices that meet government food and nutrition standards. Our educational programmes promote awareness of the importance and benefits of healthy eating to school children. Chartwells sources its produce regionally and seasonally, wherever possible, and always responsibily, safely and sustainably. We offer alternative diets for children with an intolerance to specific foods and to those who require an alternative choice due to religious beliefs. In a study of 2,976 families in the UK, only four parents thought their child was very overweight.
The researchers, writing in the British Journal of General Practice, said obesity had become the new normal in society.
Around one in five children in Year 6 is obese and a further 14% are overweight, the National Child Measurement Programme shows .

The team, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the UCL Institute of Child Health, gave questionnaires to nearly 3,000 families asking if their child was obese, overweight, underweight or a healthy weight. The results showed that nearly a third, 31%, of parents underestimated the weight of their child.
Prof Russell Viner, from the Institute of Child Health, told the BBC News website: 'Modern parents don't recognise children as obese. The chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, raised this issue of overweight becoming the new norm  in her annual report last year . If the research is right and parents are not able to identify obesit should greater responsibility be given to others to take on this role? Should schools play a part by identifying obese children and providing the child and his or her parents with 'messages about eating well'?

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