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Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL)The Irish Heart Foundation and the National Youth Council of Ireland formed a partnership to develop a Healthy Eating, Active Living resource for the Youth Sector, through the sharing of expertise and information.HEAL aims to equip youth workers with the skills necessary to create a healthy eating, active living environment in their organisation by providing information on health education, healthy eating, active living, policy guidelines and key contact information. Explore how Kinston-Lenoir County teamed with the University of North Carolina-Chapel HIll to use food tastings at their 30th Annual BBQ Festival of Neuse to promote healthy ways to prepare BBQ!   They are working on a healthy hush puppies recipe too!
Whole Fruit or Other Agricultural Commodities:  State agriculture department inspects on a complaint-basis only, but you should call the department to inform them of your operation.
Simply put, drinking water helps maintain your weight, increases your level of energy, and helps you feel and look healthier.
These carbonated waters often come in different flavors, so you’ll get the bubbles and flavor of soda without the added sugar and empty calories found in sugary drinks.

In reality, sports drinks are only meant to replace electrolytes lost during intense exercise. Few people regularly participate in extended periods of activities vigorous enough to require more electrolytes than already provided by their diet. For most of us, staying well hydrated with water and eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins provide enough energy to perform at our peak. Drinking sports drinks will only add more calories and more sodium than your body really needs. A review of the bottled water industry showed that just because water comes out of a bottle does not mean it is cleaner or safer than tap water.

Bottled water is not as well-regulated and its products often are missing fluoride, which promote dental health.

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