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In a stand mixer place eggs, vanilla, milk, applesauce and honey and blend on speed 4 until combined.
In a separate bowl stir together flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, xanthum gum and pumpkin spice. A little a time pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and blend until a batter consistency. November 3, 2013 by Sugar et al 12 CommentsWe were so busy with our Diwali celebrations this weekend that despite visits to the bakery and supermarket, we forgot to stock up on a few of our essentials.
The pumpkin puree was ready sitting in my refrigerator thanks to all the work I did the last week.
Though we tried the bread with various dips and spreads, I thought the best accompaniment was pesto. I never replied with the results – unfortunately, our pumpkins went bad and we weren’t able to make the bread!

I am Sonali, food stylist, photographer, recipe creator and mum to twin boys living in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been searching for an EASY and yummy pumpkin bread that would be a good snack to satisfy those cravings.
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So all that was required of me was to throw in the ingredients into a mixing bowl, mix and bake. Let me get another pumpkin and also I need to prune my rosemary plant, which means it will go into the bread. The smell of rosemary wafted in the air as the baking progressed reminding me of the winter that was. My boyfriends mom is celiac so I have gotten used to making gluten free treats and foods while cooking in my kitchen.

Before the children woke up and I could put together the rest of breakfast, the bread was ready! If you have been visiting this space regularly, you would know that I seldom replicate a recipe. While it helps me stay a bit healthier, I love sneaking her some treats she may not always find at the local grocery store.
Design Ur Own room exactly to your style or choose one of our Designer Bed in a Bag sets for the seasons top bedding trends styled for you! The original recipe is just perfect the way it is with a mellow pumpkin flavour in the bread, saltiness from the parmesan, earthy notes of rosemary and the crunchiness from the pumpkin seeds.

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