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This recipe is based on a can of tuna, which usually yields about two pita sandwiches in my house. If you crave the creaminess of a typical tuna salad sandwich, check out our yogurt-alternative recipe! Hi Susan, I'm working on an add-in which will allow you to print recipes from my site without all the photos, but for the time being, I do not have it available yet. I'm a Southern California foodie who lives for a great meal, has a serious weakness for sweets, and loves to spread happiness by cooking for friends and family. When I started cooking in high school, oh boy, my brother was SO impressed when I made tuna noodle casserole that really went over the top. So I am SO happy to have the opportunity to share my recipe for healthier tuna casserole that is FAR more delicious too! Just a beauty shot of all of the fresh fruits and vegetables, organic and local when available, for my personal chef clients service.
You can also make this without tuna, go ahead and use leftover chopped chicken or keep it vegetarian by using lightly steamed broccoli florets…this is how I make it for my family.
I use onion, garlic, carrots and herbs in the recipe to add a ton of flavor and a bit of sweetness.
Healthy family & gluten free weeknight dinner menus to help take the guess work out of healthy eating! I think I'll try this but by halving and then "canoeing" the cucumber-and cutting a flat base to serve.
In fact, I didn’t even use a can of tuna to make this particular casserole in the photos. It was made with white pasta, a can of cream of mushroom soup, a can of tuna, stirred together.

I had a personal chef client request tuna casserole this last week, one of their favorite family meals, but they wanted it made healthier of course. If you make it I’d love to have you shoot me a picture of your masterful creation on my Facebook page, or Tweet it to me! Get updated when new recipes are added, tips to help you create a healthy new family legacy, inspiration about my own 100 pound weightloss and exclusive discounts for newsletter members only! Ever since I started substituting lemon and olive oil for mayonnaise, I've grown to prefer it to the white stuff, and so has my waistline.
This sounds perfect and much better than the tuna salad I usually have.Do you have the nutritional content of the yogurt alternative recipe?
My fabulous guest-star, Lauren, has been my partner-in-crime since 3rd grade when I formally asked her to "be my best friend" on our first day of summer camp. If you're looking for sashimi grade salmon and can't find it, I'd recommend a gourmet fish market or any specialty health food market! Possibly lighter on calories but when you swap over to canned cream of mushroom soup you ADD even more processed ingredients. Even if you can eat it and not manage to gain weight, you’re still not putting anything very healthy in your body. This recipe happens to be gluten free, but you can easily swap out the brown rice flour and brown rice pasta with whole wheat versions if you don’t have gluten free needs in your family. I also send you a free gift,¬†Mesa de Vida’s Guide To Healthy Family Favorites,¬†upon signing up! Now when I whip up a batch of fish food, it looks much better in the bowl and even tastes better on the buds. If you want to add some more color and pucker to the mix, throw in some diced black olives and capers.

Over the years, our shared love of food and cooking has led us to many disastrous messes in the kitchen (just picture pumpkin-bread batter spilled all over the kitchen counters and floor) .
The recipe makes a good 8-10 servings as well, so you can get multiple meals out of it for a smaller family.
5 classic meals “healthified”, tips on stocking a healthy pantry and tips to make better tasting recipes, naturally! You are not nourishing a cell in your body with this, in fact, the effects of eating food like this daily are most definitely damaging to the body. Lauren once made this appetizer for a potluck at my apartment, and I have been dying to make it ever since! The fresh ahi, mixed with the soy sauce, lime, and a nutty sesame taste is absolutely delicious and light. Bring to a boil, stirring the entire time, until the mixture is thickened (which should happen as soon as the sauce comes to a boil.) Turn off the heat. Otherwise pour a large baking dish, top with the cheese and bake about 10 minutes until golden brown and bubbly. If you don't have a melon-baller, use a spoon to remove the middle of the cucumber, or just cut it into slices and top it with the ahi tartare (like a cracker!).Serves 4-5.

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