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Immediately after Stephen’s heart attack dear friends took care of us all by delivering dinner for ten nights, fruit and goodie baskets, and a few bottles of heart healthy red wine. This recipe was inspired by my taste buds and the smell of Hayley Frisch’s White Bean Chili as we reheated it one rainy evening on the stove. Bake chicken breasts in a little white wine sprinkled with Italian seasoning (no salt) at 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes or until easy to shred with two forks. This amount of ingredients makes a large batch, freeze remaining for delicious heart healthy meals in a snap.

You are channeling for me and picking up on a chapter I started yesterday on conscious cooking! This sounds delicious – my friend just had heart surgery and we are organizing meals for him.
Comfort foods are notoriously high in calories and saturated fat, but dona€™t despaira€”wea€™ve lightened your favorite recipes to make them a better choice for your heart, while keeping the traditional flavors intact.
That’s another good way to control salt and add a lot of flavor and nutrition missing from packaged stock.

Try one of our heart-healthy comfort foods recipes for a lighter version of traditional comfort food dishes.

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