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Make the most of snack time: Make sure you include fruits and vegetables in snacks and the task of 5 servings per day becomes less daunting. Lead by example: Unfortunately, my kids could care less that I eat tons of vegetables and greens and whole grains and hardly any sweets but maybe some day they will! Get creative!: So so many great ideas on the internet these days, I could spend hours just looking at pretty foods. As a parent of two young athletes, I’m always looking for kid-friendly, healthier alternatives for lunches and dinners. I have spent countless hours at the grocery store researching products, trying to find what’s best. Ahhh, summertime…we look forward to it all year, regardless of the weather you live in.

I have written many articles on sports nutrition in the past couple of years, and I have spoken to thousands of young athletes, parents and coaches, and there are certain topics that come up again and again.
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We understand studies have shown the impact of food on a child’s academic and athletic performance, as well as their overall energy level and even their immune systems. Whether it’s sugary cereals or sweetened drinks, keep in mind small changes will have significant long-term effects and cut yourself some slack!
With vegetables, smaller bites work best for the little ones (think appetizers) and food on toothpicks is always a hit!
SUGARS: one of the biggest drawbacks of our current labeling system is that labels do not differentiate between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars.

It’s a St Louis original, and I had  my share of delicious raviolis while I attended college there.
But not all of us are blessed with kids that will just eat quinoa, kale and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (my niece does, by the way, SO jealous of my sister!) So like many of you, I struggle with hectic schedules and resistance from my kids, especially my son, when it comes to trying new foods. I have learned so much from her over the years, and we have given a few talks together on the subject.

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