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Have to say tho we had some people I worked with one time for Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. We are an archive of stock photography for use in websites, printed materials and products.
A I like to mix some DIY into mine — but when purchasing supplies, it’s much more fun to shop some of theA awesome on-line stores too!
A Give yourself permission to take them too — whether that be buying some of the items as takeout or asking friends to bring a dish!

I always make a new pinboard for parties (usually secret so I can delete them after) to keep everything in one place. Lovely printable ?Y?€ If you would like to, I would LOVE for you to share it (and any other printables you have) with my “Free Printables” Google Plus Community!
Images are provided unwatermarked, free of charge for both commercial and personal use under an attribution license.
A Knowing the who, what, when, where, why and how — and the timing of pulling it all together can be hard!

A Well, I like the idea that it isn’t something everyone else is using, does that make sense? A If you’re looking for some fabulous inspiration, be sure to check out Sandra Lee’s recipes!

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