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Aside from mac'n cheese or maybe tomato soup, Italian recipes are the ultimate when it comes to comfort food. We don't know about you, but any food culture that takes a great dish -- in this case, risotto -- and then breads it before frying it, is tops in our book.
Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner and its the perfect time to delve into all things Mexican food, so I’ve taken the chance to round up 50 of the BEST Mexican food recipes from across the internet.

They include an array of pasta recipes to choose from, hearty soups for the coldest days and deep-fried balls of risotto stuffed with cheese (also known as arancini). I’m passionate about all things related to parties, pictures, and anything pretty; I find I have a tough time limiting myself to just one genre on my blog! Their greatest dishes are too numerous to name, and even too numerous to gather in one recipe round-up.

I married my high school sweetheart and since then, we’ve added two crazy amazing kidlets to the mix.

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