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If you look through the photo series, you will get a basic understanding of how these Easter cakes are made. Fillings are tricky to give amounts with, because it depends on how many types you want to make.
I miss Middle Eastern food, I try to recreate it as much as I can, but these look absolutely lovely, just lovely. Although even they don’t have moulds people can still enjoy different flavors, there is a way to them.
Hi, I would like to provide a link to my customers to your website with your Maamoul recipes and fantastic photos.
I love the story about the meaning of maamoul and i’d love to share this with my day care centre where i am the cook. These quiches can be cooked in advance and kept in the refrigerator to be reheated when required. Whisks, we generously grease a muffin tin with 7.5cm diameter holes (measured across the top). Hi, I made these for work and ended up having to make 2 extra batches as my son and his friend tucked in! Hi, once the quiches have been stored in the fridge, do you re heat them or have them cold. We prefer to reheat the quiches in the oven rather than the microwave so the pastry stays crisp.
Nic and Kerrie,We froze and reheated some of these quiches and were happy with the results. Hi Samantha,Using bok choy instead of the onion would give the mini quiches a different flavour. OMG i just made these quiches for my husband to take to work tomorrow & they are so yummy i dont think there will be any left for him to take!
These are fabulous, I made them for 4 young men in their 20's who were repairing my roof and they raved about them!Had to whip up another batch they enjoyed them so much. Hi - I have been making mini quiches for years and now and I am always asked for my recipe. Hi, can you please tell me do I have to defrost the frozen quiches before I reheat them in the oven.
It’s really great to be able to share this recipe with you, and maybe from the photo above, you too will feel there are things worth coming back to this world for. You can see the beautiful pattern that is formed when the filled dough is pressed into a traditional wooden mold.

Long distance phone calls with mom, mirrored by similar efforts from Ludwig resulted in the recipe we used. I only had the pistachio mold this is why I could not make the dates and the walnut maamoul.
The long ones are pistachios, the ones with a star on top are walnut, and the others are dates. My mom makes them great but lately we r not allowing her to make them since she accepts no help and she gets tired as hell. For dates they can make date snakes and fill a dough of the same length, cover and make patterns with a fork or anything similar.
The mold reminds me of the ones used for Chinese moon cakes (which I’ve yet to attempt).
I wish I had found your blog sooner my mother in law wont give up her recipe but its a tradition I wanted to pass down to my kids and looked everywhere for a good recipe. My past attempts at maamoul have been very labor-intensive and unsuccessful in the appearance of the finished product; I plan to try your recipe for Pascha 2012.
I happen to have an equally appetising Maamoul plate in front of me, sitting next to a cup of Lebanese coffee, of course…The perfect after lunch treat. I just finished baking the first batch, they smell heavenly while baking and ofcourse I tasted them while warm haha, they’re perfect. Id also love to make these for the kids using the dates (allergy free centre and all that). If you do try freezing them, we would recommend reheating them in the oven so that the pastry stays crisp. Place the quiches on a tray and reheat at 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes or until hot. It must be frustrating to have to reiterate things you've already mentioned in the recipe (ie: how many does this make)!
And tasted wonderful.Going to bring them to a picnic tomorrow, thanks for the awesome recipe!!
We would finely chop 150g of shortcut bacon, pan-fry it, and then allow it to cool slightly before using. My husband and I will be celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary and we have saved the topper from our wedding cake. We do not notice a difference in the quiches when we use thickened cream (35 percent fat) rather than pure cream (40 percent fat).
This is my tray of maamoul, a traditional Lebanese sweet that is made especially for Easter.

Just like we used to do, the dough was prepared on Good Friday and the maamoul was baked on Easter Saturday. Such a beautifully-made little mouthful of sweetness – I think your Mum would be very proud!
I think I may try these even though we are well past Easter ?? Thank you and LOVe your blog! If not, you could try moving the quiches to a higher position in the oven (away from the bottom element). My mum said to live her one but when i walked out to lunch everybody pigged out living only half for mum.
Might give shortcrust pastry a go next time, I found puff pastry a little flaky for my liking, but that's personal preference.Thanks again guys! Maamoul is a semolina shortbread bound with butter, orange blossom water and rose water which on the inside holds a sweet filling.
But unlike being under the strict, observing eyes of our parents, this time we allowed ourselves to indulge in trying the maamoul as it was warm, instead of having to wait for Sunday as tradition requires. I was scared I will ruin my mom’s recipe but u are right, it’s for the sweet and wet dough!
I even own a maamoul mould – saw one in a middle eastern shop and could not resist buying it as it was so pretty! The filling is either buttery dates, or a concoction of walnuts or pistachios with sugar, more orange blossom water and rosewater. I am now convinced that eating maamoul warm is the only way to do it with the filling still gooey and slightly runny. Make sure you beat the egg and cream mixture really well so that the egg is thoroughly combined with the other ingredients.
The flavour warms my heart and the scent takes me back to my childhood, and the result is a maamoul I know even mom would be proud of! The pics are lovely and my recipe didn’t have either rosewater or orange blossom water which are I think fairly essential ingredients.
You could beat the eggs on their own first, before beating them with the cream, onion, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Imagine biting through that buttery, crumbly crust and getting the faint hint of roses and orange blossoms, followed by the chewiness of pistachios, nutty and sweet.

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