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InstructionsTo cook the paella recipe you need a Paella pan or a large wide-based pan (16 - 20 inches for 4 - 6 people). Soak clams in a medium bowl with 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 cup of water for 20-30 minutes to get the sand out. Remove 8 mussels from the shell and reserve 4 with the shell to garnish over the top of the paella. Add a little of warm fish stock to the mortar to dissolve the saffron mixture and then add it and the rest of the fish stock to the paella pan.
Arrange the prawns, the reserved (shell on) mussels and some roasted red pepper strips over the top and cook for 13 - 15 minutes more.

NotesSpanish paella recipe is normally cooked with 'bomba' or 'calasparra' rice but you can use any medium-grain rice. It is recommendable to use homemade fish stock (fish fumet) to get a full of flavor Paella dish. Discover how to cook this delicious rice dish originated in Valencia (eastern Spain) with easy directions and get this famous recipe from Spain! Not only the way foods are presented that makes Chinese food unique, but also substances in them.
Another interesting thing you will find when visiting chef Chinese restaurants is food arts.

While you really enjoy the dishes, you may not be fully aware that there are herbs in the foods you eat.
Although some herbs have bad tastes and odors, they will be diminished through cooking process.

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