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Yorkshire Pudding easy recipe Ideal accompanying the Roast Beef and original plate, representative of the English kitchen.
Printer-friendly versionThe Thanksgiving holiday weekend is officially over, I'm back to work and routines, but the leftovers in the fridge are a tasty reminder of the feast we had on Thursday. Like popovers and German pancakes, Yorkshire pudding puffs up impressively while it's cooking, so be sure you don't place it on too high of a rack near the top heating element! Yorkshire pudding is best served straight out of the oven and piping hot, and the timing works out perfectly for cooking it at the last minute while the turkey or roast is resting before carving.
2) In the meantime (or earlier in the day--some recipes call for several hours for the batter to rest, but I've always had luck doing it at the last minute), combine the eggs, flour, milk, and salt in a bowl.
Sign up for Tikkido's email list and get occasional updates about new or seasonal content (1 or 2 emails a month). Exactly as the title says, this is my Mum's Traditional English Yorkshire Pudding recipe and it is so easy. I have held off posting this for a while as it is so easy, but it works -please see my photo's!
Pour a scant amount of oil or dripping into your Yorkshire Pudding tins.(A large roasting tin can be used too.

Put the tin into the pre-heated oven about 5 minutes before you want to cook the Yorkshire Puddings. Just before cooking, whisk thoroughly again to break down any lumps & add some more air. If you have two tins cooking, rotate the tins from top to bottom shelves after the 10-15 minutes so they cook evenly.
I followed the directions exactly but when I was putting it in the pan, I thought this batter is way too thin. After my Nana passed away I never thought I would have good Yorkshire Puddings again, but I have been proven wrong! Heat the oil in a non stick frying pan, add the sausages and brown evenly all over until cooked through. Make the Knorr Beef Gravy following pack instructions, pour over the sausages and simmer for 5 minutes.
It is slightly different from my Toad-in-the-Hole batter recipe, the Yorkshire puddings in this recipe are lighter. The great thing about this recipe is that it works on equal measures of volume and so there is no weighing or measuring as such.

While not QUITE as good as hers, the method is easy to understand and mine came out fantastic.
This comforting dinner is perfect for a cold winter’s evening, when you crave something tasty yet easy to prepare. With quality ingredients and slowly simmered meat juices, the authentic flavours are perfect with all your red meat dishes.
So, if there are only two of you, use a very small cup - if there are a crowd of you, use a big cup, jug or a mug!! This recipe is a great way to breathe new life into leftover sausages too, with the Knorr Onion Gravy base adding succulence to this hearty dish. They use mainly fresh and easily find all the time in large supermarkets and outdoor markets.
But I have met it in Belgium, where apart from the famous Brussels sprouts are very tasty and leeksFish and Chips with beer crust and Tartar sauce recipe Classic English recipe that can easily make at home.

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