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Perhaps I should name this boozy dessert as Mock Fermented Glutinous Rice Wine with Rice Balls because I was using Japanese sake than the Chinese fermented wine (??). I want to make some noise here for the baby taros, a food supposedly to be included for celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival and is also good for serving as snack or dessert.
I particularly love making this classic Chinese dessert when climate turns cooler and drier.
I prepare this soup by borrowing the skills of making drinks from soy beans, sesames, almonds, etc.
Like savory steamed eggs, if properly steamed, this sweet egg pudding should have a silky texture resembling soft tofu. A once-popular-roadside-food in Hong Kong, made from steamed sticky rice dough and coated with coarse sesame powder plus sugar. With the right tools, which complement each others, making soy milk at home can be easy though tricky.

I truly like how I could control the consistency of homemade red bean paste, making it versatile for different uses. This Lotus Seed Tea recipe here perhaps is the easiest and most simple recipe to enjoy lotus seeds which has been valued for its calming properties. Fried, the pancakes shall be slightly crisp on the surface and delicately sticky inside, resembling a piece of fried Chinese Nian ??.
Making this papaya at home is fun and simple especially if you are familiar with the use of a food processor. A healthier version of taro paste, which is lard-free and can be adapted by adding ginkgo nuts or pine nuts. This water chestnut cake (ma tai gou ???) is easy and quick to make; with all the ingredients handy, the preparations can be done in about an hour (steaming time included). I make this healing drinking look fancier here, but the way it is served will not degrade its cooling property for curbing the summer heat in our bodies.

Now Easy recipes specially gives you  the easy methods of preparing arabic sweet dessert  Kunafa ( Arabic Sweet Cheese Pastry) and later we will   post UmAli arabic Dessert. If not, you may simply substitute an equal amount of your favorite milk for the south almond milk. Instead, the rice ball takes the opposite role, acting as the filling for the pitted red date and giving this healthy dessert a bouncy kick.
Bring to boil, and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes until it forms a syrupy consistency.Remove from heat allow to cool.

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