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February 1, 2014 by Jess MillionMoments 6 Comments My husband and I have never really made a big deal over Valentines Day. This recipe is very easy to make, it serves two and will take you around ten minutes from prep to plate. 2- While noodles are boiling, stir together marinara, red pepper flakes and black pepper in a medium sized bowl. First combine your cake mix, canola oil and eggs as instructed on the box and pour into a cake pan. Jess is a mom of two, and the writer, photographer, and creative mind behind A Million Moments. Light the scented candles, stick the Barry White album on the stereo and cook up one of these stunning recipes that will make the perfect romantic evening for just the two of you! It all starts with a simple meal that can be brought together quickly once the kids are tucked in their beds and quiet has settled over the home.
Since this is a three-course meal and the pasta is quite rich, this recipe makes two small portions.
I love that these dishes are simpler to make than even our normal food, but they look and taste like special ocassion food!
This year the hubby and I are apart for Valentine’s Day, but we never really make a big deal of it anyway.
Just this week, my husband and I spent our anniversary by making a homemade curry dish together. The only time we’ve been out to eat on Valentine’s Day was when we were dating!

I just have to say — I made this tonight for our Valentine’s dinner IN and it was so delicious! I'm Aimée, editor of this blog devoted to family focused food - with a little urban homesteading in the mix. Whether it be because of a new baby, lack of babysitters, sick kids or just wanting to avoid the crowds, there are many reasons to stay in and enjoy a romantic evening together at home. I can’t guarantee that the kids will stay quiet or that things will go smoothly but these recipes are so quick and so simple you should be able to enjoy a romantic three-course meal in the candlelight before the craziness begins again. Since it's made in a food processor you may want to whip it up just before the kids go to bed, if you're afraid it'll disturb their sleep. Serve with garlic bread and a simple salad to round out the meal or double the recipe for bigger portions.
Going out on V-day means overcrowded restaurants, mediocre service, and not too much relaxation! I made just a plain alfredo sauce with heart shaped pasta since we had this with our kiddos too.
This is an encouraging community that offers comprehensive recipes, simple preserving tutorials, and honest tips for cooking with kids. I just like to keep it simple and cook something at home rather than deal with the crowds and long waits at restaurants. It may seem impossible with kids, but it’s much easier to accomplish then one might think.
This is not a make ahead frozen yogurt though, if it sits for too long (a couple of hours) in the freezer it'll become too hard to eat.

Once the pasta and sauce start bubbling pop these into the hot pan and enjoy a quick appetizer, with a glass of wine, while you wait. Especially love the frozen strawberry yogurt – may make this one for the niece and nephew as a special treat this week!
My little guy toasted with his mocktail to 9 years of marriage – making the celebration a family affair. The cheese stuffed peppers were amazing and so was the frozen yogurt with chocolate shell sauce.
This dessert takes no effort and is much healthier then the ones you'll get from the store.
When it's time to serve, melt the chocolate shell and pour it over the frozen yogurt - dessert is served. Instant Strawberry Frozen Yogurt This can also be made in a blender but you will need to put the yogurt in the bottom first and you'll have to stop the blender occasionally to dislodge any pieces of fruit that get caught up in the blades. The recipe for Chocolate shell was adapted from the New York Times Ingredients Frozen Yogurt 2 cups frozen strawberries 1 cup vanilla yogurt Sugar or honey, to taste Chocolate Shell 7 oz. Spoon mixture into frozen bowls and place in the freezer while you prepare the rest of the meal.

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