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Put lasagna in the oven for 30 minutes to bake at 180 degrees C, followed by 10 minutes at 210 degrees C, until the cheese crust will become lightly browned. This is one of those dishes that is good out of all proportion to the difficulty of making it, which is virtually nil.
You could also experiment with other herbs such as thyme, oregano, tarragon or chives instead of the mint.
Toss the tomatoes and beets with the olive oil, a couple big pinches of salt, and a few grinds of black pepper. Herbivoracious is your source for the best veggie recipes, including many vegan and gluten-free recipes and easy vegetarian recipes for even the busiest families. My first thoughts for creating the smoke in a vegetarian version revolved around using chipotle or chile moro (smoked jalapenos without the adobo sauce), and I’m sure that would be good. The section on smoking in Modernist Cuisine taught me some things I never new about smoking. This recipe will come out much better if you cook your own beans at home, whether on the stovetop, or in a pressure cooker. Posted by Michael Natkin on Monday, July 11th, 2011 in Gluten-Free or modifiable, Recipes, Side Dishes, Vegan or Modifiable. For this kind of thing, I often do the smoking on the gas grill outdoors — it works well, avoids the need to disable the smoke-detectors, and keeps even the residual smoke outside the house. These look gorgeous, i love pinto beans, very few mexican restaurants serve them these days!
I shared this one on my Facebook food page, Occupy My Plate, to make this weekend with enchiladas (which I’ll be doing a variation on your swiss chard and onion recipe so I might put some smoked onion in there too). Vegetarian lasagna (aka veggie lasagna) might be a bit of a cliche, but everyone loves it, and it has the great advantages that you can do it ahead for a crowd, and it finishes in the oven, so you can concentrate on your guests. I make mine without a bechamel sauce, opting for a spinach and ricotta mixture to provide the creaminess. I love to bake it in this Emile Henry lasagna pan – it looks beautiful and homey at the same time.
The keys to a great veggie lasagna are (1) get all the liquid out of the veggies, (2) get the cheese on top really crispy.
Posted by Michael Natkin on Monday, December 29th, 2008 in Favorites, Kid Friendly, Main Courses, Recipes.
This Italian girl is looking for veggie version and I’m going to give this one a try. Michael, houseful of relatives next week – do you think it would be OK for me to make and then freeze before cooking. I apologize, I wrote that recipe quite awhile ago and the way I’ve specified the measurement certainly isn’t easy to translate! September 27, 2007 by Shantha 3 Comments A Chinese dish usually served as a starter but tastes good in the middle as well as the end of the meal or to snack anytime of the day. Making curry paste is addictive; the volatile aroma and flavor is miles beyond the pre-packaged stuff, though in a pinch you can use that with the squash part of the recipe below. My red curry is very lightly changed from Ivy's recipe, adapted to what I had in the house and my own peculiar way of doing things. This is a relatively dry curry; no coconut milk is added to produce a bowl of sauce, though it will have a small amount of liquid. Put aside 5 tablespoons to use for the delicata squash red curry recipe below and freeze the rest (unless you will use it in the next few days).
Posted by Michael Natkin on Friday, October 30th, 2009 in Gluten-Free or modifiable, Main Courses, Recipes, Vegan or Modifiable.
This recipe was ridiculously delicious–and I was proud to have all the ingredients on hand or growing.

I make it with butternut squash (one small rather than 2 good-sized), and that works very well.
Lasagna is made from special lasagna noodles that are spread with various fillings and poured with sauces. Take away the peduncle from eggplant and then cut the eggplant into thin strips.Spread the eggplant strips on the grill and put it in the oven preheated up to 180 degrees C for 10 minutes.
The next layer should be done the same way, but put some sliced tomatoes along with the eggplant strips.
After you put the last three lasagna noodles, just pour them with bechamel sauce and additionally with the whipped cream (if desired), sprinkle the rest of cheese. It is totally dependent on using great tomatoes and olive oil, and home-cooked beets (don't even think about using canned).
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Unlike refried beans, the pinto beans are served whole, in a broth redolent of smoke and tomato. I’ve since learned that creating smoke in a low-oxygen sealed environment like this creates unnecessarily high levels of carcinogens. But those ingredients can lack the freshest top-note flavors of smoke. It turns out that quickly smoking a diced onionin an improvised setup on the stovetop is an amazing way to get those bright, volatile smoky elements. The beans will have a better texture, and you’ll have their flavorful cooking liquid available to make the broth. When it is hot, press the pasilla oaxaca chiles down onto it with a spatula, just for a few seconds on each side. When the oil is shimmering, add the crushed chiles, smoked onion, garlic and salt and cook, stirring occasionally until the onion is softened, about 3 minutes. It tends to have more of a one-dimensional flavor compared to fresh smoke, but clearly has a convenience advantage. I made these with just chipotle peppers (1 and a half to be exact) and a bit (~1 tsp) of adobo sauce. We’ve given that pan as a wedding gift, too – because what says home more than a nice lasagna? They are pretty much just standard noodles except rolled thinner, so that they simply cook in the sauce while the lasagna bakes.
Place in a microwave safe bowl, cover loosely with a plate and microwave until fully wilted, about 5 minutes.
It’s a small website still, but hoping you can help me by agreeing sharing this article. Now that you are a cauliflower lover, try oven roasting it – olive oil, salt, 450 until getting some nice dark brown spots. Just wanted to say that I’ve made a lasagna with kale (stems removed) and red sauce without previously cooking either the noodles or the kale, and it turned out pretty good. The great thing is, this recipe makes more paste than you will probably use in a single meal. You'll want to serve this with jasmine rice, and maybe an herb-filled salad like this (minus the tofu). You might like to freeze it in individual-use portions so you don't have to thaw the whole thing. AND you give another recipe to use with my leftover paste (although I’d gladly just make it again.
My only gripe- New Mexico chile is spelled with an e at the end, not an i, just like the country. No delicata available so I used one acorn squash and one small butternut; I was only able to get arbol chiles, so I used six, but I discarded the seeds of four of them since they are hotter, and we could still discern all the flavors in the curry.

The other squash should work just fine, they just have to get peeled and may need a longer cooking time.
In lasagna the dried eggplant will be flavored with sauce and it’s taste will remind mushrooms.
The only thing you need is enough foresight to boil the beets and have them cool in time for dinner, which you can easily do a day or two before.
Toss them with a generous amount of delicious oil and flaky sea salt, top with some crumbled feta and fresh mint and you are good to go. See my Smoked Tofu Buns recipe for a safer alternative if you don’t have your own method of smoking. You may want to temporarily disable your smoke detector and run your vent fan while doing this step. In a pinch, you could probably do it with canned beans that have been thoroughly rinsed, and substitute a good, clear vegetable broth for the bean-cooking liquid.
Wearing disposable gloves, remove the stems and seeds from the peppers and crush them into very small pieces. Some folks may be concerned about health issues, though that could be a concern for fresh smoke as well. Your homemade pasta sauce sounds great – the anise is a smart addition, it boost the umami when cooked with onions. When I saw a recipe for Malaysian red curry paste in Ivy's book, I just knew I had to put it to use with delicata squash and tofu.
Freeze the excess and you will have the beginning of two or three great dishes waiting for you at a moment's notice. When it is hot, add two tablespoons of the oil and 5 seconds later, the tofu in a single layer.
Tofu loves dry curries like this, and it’s so nice and adaptable…who would have thunk of delicata? The little delicata moons, which I’d never had before, were luscious!) Thanks so much for your blog! Check out my recommendations for the best kitchen utensils, pots and pans and small appliances. By the way, there are more professional versions of liquid smoke than the grocery store types. If you’d like more vegetables but no weeping liquid, check out this summer squash and portobello mushroom lasagna variation. Add salt and pepper to taste, then stir in the eggs. Put the olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. It adds a whole dimension of garlic, anise, wine, and heirloom tomatoes canned at the height of the season last year. Cook until the squash is tender, occasionally lifting the lid to stir, check doneness, and add a little water if needed.
If you want to use regular noodles, just boil them first according to package directions and simmer the tomato sauce a bit more to thicken it (or use less of it). Add the tomato sauce and lemon zest, lower the heat to a simmer and cook for 5 more minutes. Be sure to get the noodles quite wet since they are the no-boil type and need plenty of moisture.

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