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Sausage Cheese Balls make for the perfect little appetizer to serve to your guests at any holiday party, football party, and especially for New Year’s Eve.
This is easy to make ahead and a delicious recipe to keep on hand when you need a quick appetizer for a work party, Super Bowl game, etc. These are a few of my favorite things: cooking, baking, Broadway musicals, cruises, Disney World, Christmas, storms, 80's and country music, and my favorite pastime has always been baseball. Sausage balls are one of those things that are classic and you learn to make them in 7th grade and the recipe sticks with you forever.
Best dipoing sauce for these… Peppered breakfast gravy made from sausage and bacon drippings!!! Every Monday I get a sense of dread in my bones as I realise I need to plan the meals for the week. While the snags are cooking, grab a flame proof casserole dish and fry off the capsicum, onion and garlic. There you go, a one pot wonder that will keep the whole family fed and happy and it’s light on the budget too. A technology loving mother and junior primary school teacher, Kylie the mother of two - a three year old daughter and baby boy. Could you please confirm the quantity of rice…not sure how much 300 grams of rice is.
Fun Art Projects: Create Your Own Decorated Tennis ShoesMiss 8 had decided (at least for this week!) that she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up! Johnsonville mild italian sausage links links (4 oz each) and 5 more..
Diced tomato, Diced orange pepper, Corn, Diced red onion and 10 more.. Johnsonville mild italian sausage links, casings removed and 15 more.. Johnsonville mild ground italian sausage and 12 more.. Johnsonville mild italian sausage links links (4 oz each) and 8 more.. Johnsonville mild ground italian sausage and 15 more..
Johnsonville mild italian sausage links links and 18 more.. Johnsonville mild ground italian sausage and 11 more.. Onion, diced, Vegetable oil, Green pepper, sliced and 11 more.. Onion, chopped, Vegetable oil, Lean ground beef and 12 more.. Red pearl onion, Vegetable oil, Vegetable oil and 8 more..

Johnsonville mild italian sausage links links (4 oz each) and 5 more.. Johnsonville mild italian sausage links links (4 oz each) and 8 more.. Green peppers, thinly sliced, Chopped onion, Olive oil and 11 more.. Unsliced round loaf of bread (8 inches), Horseradish and 12 more..
Onion, thinly sliced, Green pepper, thinly sliced and 6 more.. Butter, softened, French or submarine rolls, split and 7 more..
This gluten free pizza recipe is easier because it uses Trader Joe’s Rice Flour Tortillas for the crust.
Before Trader Joe’s offered Rice Flour Tortillas I used to make it with their corn tortillas, but the rice is much closer to a real pizza crust flavor because it is neutral. In this recipe you make a simple tomato paste sauce with a few other ingredients and then you cook some good Italian sausage to use along with a good dry salami that is not too greasy or salty. You could eat slices of this pizza as an appetizer since it is a smaller than normal, or you could use it as a main course with a nice salad.
7 Tblsp tomato paste   (there are 10 Tblsp in a 6oz can- spoon the remaining 3 Tblsp out in 1 Tblsp scoops onto a piece of wax paper and freeze.
Bake the pizzas on the 2 pans for about 6 minutes- just until the cheese melts and it all starts smelling yummy! You could probably serve 1-2 slices per person as an appetizer or 2-3 slices per person as a main course with a nice salad. Welcome to Andreas Kitchen!  If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to my blog to get updated whenever I post a recipe.
Hilah, these are awesome and so much better than the frozen poppers with a little sliver of jalapeno. I wish I’d figured out yesterday that my RSS feeds were screwed up so that I saw this yesterday and would have already tried these. Last night I went to HEB to buy the jalapenos and ground pork and had a problem finding the pork (I usually grind my own pork and beef, but my freezer is so crammed with food, I really didn’t want to bother with buying a pork shoulder).
I create short-form, educational, and occasionally hilarious cooking videos geared towards beginner and intermediate cooks, as well as people who are just looking for simple, low-cost recipes. In fact, I would be the crazy guest standing in front of the plate at your party (so I could eat them all)! I’ve had several comments on my Facebook page of people who made this recipe and loved it. She loves to play, craft and cook with her little girl, using as many geek-tech tools along the way as she can. If you are new here, you might like to subscribe to the RSS feed or receive updates direct to your email.

We’ve managed to raise four and not a sniffle between them no allergies and no fussy eaters.
The great thing about having gluten issues now is that there are so many options available- unlike 5 or 10 years ago when there wasn’t much! Now that I’m almost done this Daniel fast, I’m getting a greater appreciation of meals with only a few dishes and come together in less than 20 minutes! No cooking the meat first, no cooking anything first, just mix up some pork with some salsa and other stuff, cram it in a hollowed out jalapeno and bake. If that’s too boring, you could try Ranch dressing or sour cream mixed with a little of the salsa leftover from making the stuffed peppers. Set oven to 400?F Mix remaining ingredients -- except cheese -- together in a medium bowl until very smooth.
The frozen or even restaurant-made poppers are so blah – not nearly enough jalapeno and way too much cheese usually. The HEB on Oltorf puts all ground meats together, so before I realized that, I had combed the entire meat section and what did I spot?
I neglected to check the roaster before I went out to buy the ingredients and bought jalapenos that were too huge to fit the holes and wouldn’t stand up. This is a definite easy to make ahead, to make in the moment, and delicious recipe to keep on hand. Full of veggies, super tasty, thrown together in no time and best of all, the kids LOVE it. They have all done daft things like eating rice crispies out of the dog bowl and binging on sweeties spread out on the floor…. And also if I dint have a stove proof casserole dish could I make it all in a pan and then pour it into a dish to then put in the oven? That’s right I have had the same met thermometer since I was in chef collage in 1997. The downside is that you really don’t want to try to stuff the chilies with anything other than a piping bag. The fancy ones seemed to be accurate, but something like the remote display would stop working within a couple of months. Having never seen them before, I thought that you and Kim were exaggerating, but these were the most unappetizing mess I’ve seen in a while. The bacon was almost entirely fat with streaks of lean meat so thin it looked like it had been drawn with a very fine point pen.

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