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Christmas is almost here and everybody looks forward to celebrate, have fun and eat Christmas treats and traditional dishes. Substituting zucchini for spaghetti is a great way to lower your carb-intake and sneak in more veggies.
This dairy-free recipe is a perfect comfort food for the cold weather and a great healthy dinner recipe. This recipe is as simple as chopping avocado slices, topping with bread crumbs and tossing them in the oven.

If you’re on a low carb diet, this dish is packed with flavor and yummy, cheesy goodness!
Hardboiled eggs, avocado, salt & pepper, and a wrap are all you need to create this dish. Literally toss your favorite veggies onto chicken coated in Italian dresseing and bake in the oven.
This is a quick skillet recipe so you’ll have a full meal and still be able to catch your shows after work.

So, what would better than a festive Christmas table full of delicious food and sweets made according to healthy recipes? Cooking at home and making your own nutritious meals is the biggest component in seeing a change in your body and overall health.

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