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Kiss belly bloat goodbye with these trending recipes featuring good-for-your-gut ingredients. What he found, however, while cooking for his family was that certain subcategories of recipes using a slow cooker (also known by its most famous brand-name, Crock-Pot) served a heart-healthy diet well. It’s helpful for home cooks to expand the way they think about the device, Logue says. Replace salt-based seasonings and sodium-laden ingredients like cream soups with garlic and onions (added early), as well as fresh herbs and spices (added late, to taste).
Use as many different kinds and colors of vegetables as possible to improve a dish’s visual appeal.
It’s Mexican (always a hit!), and in the slow cooker (so simple!), and well, just plain scrumptious. We originally published this recipe in a truly exceptional cookbook (read on to get your copy!) but we’ve waited over a year to publish it here on our site.
That cookbook, Where Slow Food and Whole Food Meet: Healthy Slow Cooker Dinners from our Kitchens to Yours has been such a success!
If you love this Chicken Burrito Bowls recipe, you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s not too late to purchase a copy of the book and get all the other outstanding slow cooker recipes our blogging buds created for it, too!

And, since it’s September, and September = Hunger Action Month, we just knew this was the exact right time to share this recipe with you, since it was originally published in a cookbook specifically created to raise funding in the fight against hunger here in America. It’s also the perfect time to encourage you to take action, in any way that you can, to help combat hunger in our country. Well, there are lots of ways to get involved during Hunger Action Month – by volunteering, donating (both monetary donations and food), and by advocating and educating!
And hey – when you send out that challenge, maybe you could even invite some friends to volunteer at the local food pantry! So, you see, this Chicken Burrito Bowls recipe really is the perfect recipe to share right now!
But even if today is (finally!) the perfect day to share this recipe with you, you should definitely not save it to enjoy only in September! After being diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 1999, the longtime cooking enthusiast’s new passion for low-sodium, high-flavor cuisine soon became a website, then a cookbook, then another. While part of its appeal is the idea that you can throw ingredients in before you leave for work and come home to a complete meal, not all recipes lend themselves to that length of cooking time. Crock Pot Chicken Burrito Bowls are your answer to pretty much all of life’s questions.

We were involved with other spectacular food bloggers, creating recipes for a fabulous cookbook to raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank. Plus, if you haven’t already gotten the free ebook version, you can nab that just by subscribing to our email. And this month, consider grabbing a spoon for a silly photo, and making a difference during Hunger Action Month!
For his fifth book, he decided to tackle a device that makes easy work of comfort food but can be a diet enemy: the slow cooker. And it’s even wonderful as a hearty appetizer (no kidding!) – it pairs really {really!} well with whole-grain tortilla chips. On weekends, explore recipes that will take just a few hours in the slow cooker, such as a casserole or ground meat, and don’t discount the idea of adding certain ingredients, like seafood or pasta, into a dish at the very end. Oh … and all those busy nights (those occur all year long!) … well the leftovers are just as tasty, so you can even stretch this meal over two nights!

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