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It’s super easy to do once you get the basics down, and it’s great to keep your body healthy!
In part one, we discussed the way that certain foods are digested and distributed inside the body and how chronic over consumption of sugar can cause problems. You are “hacking” very important functions of the human body and there are side effects!
The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to drastically reduce the insulin levels in the body for a certain amount of time. Ketoacidosis is defined as  is “a pathological metabolic state marked by extreme and uncontrolled ketosis.
Ketoacidosis is defined as 8 mmol or higher and pathological ketoacidosis, as in diabetic ketoacidosis, can result in ketone concentrations of 20 mmol or greater.
If you ever pick up one of those damn health magazines claiming how dangerous the low carb diets are because of ketoacidosis, flip it off and throw it away. The body is always trying to balance the internal pH and other various states,(4) and it requires some chemical exchanges. My headache and nausea were all because I neglected to get enough electrolytes when I began keto. The good news is the added calcium has been shown to help bind to the free floating fat and make it easier to be, *ahem,* expelled. Keep in mind they add MSG to simulate the flavor of a real broth, and frankly that’s a no-no. For reasons I will not go too deep into right now, low carb diets have a tendency to release stored water reserves in the body. If you’re like me, you have a sweet tooth and might find it hard to give up these things. You’ll have to avoid a good part of the grocery store if you really want to stick with keto. I’ve seen people pushing 400-500 lbs dropping literally hundreds of pounds using this method. The purpose of the Ketostix is to measure the amount of ketone bodies in the urine. Yep, you basically piddle on these things and if you have enough ketones dissolved in your urine, the stick will turn a different color. If it doesn’t change, chances are you either are still eating too many carbs or somehow got kicked out of keto. In Keto part 3, I’ll discuss a few of the weirdnesses of keto, things to look for and go into a little more detail on where to find keto recipes, the role of alcoholic drinks, and some other cool details.

Can you please add to your debunking about ketoacidosis that it is also dangerous if you are doing prolonged fasting? Yes, I agree, anyone with any kind of metabolic dysfunction should be very careful with this sort of eating and fasting in general. As you might have noticed, I left out quite a few key details such as what to eat, how much of each thing to eat and other very important aspects. Theoretically, doing a low carbohydrate diet is something worth looking into, but I have not done the research on it yet. Ketoacidosis, as it occurs in Type I diabetics and alcoholics and which is potentially fatal, will not occur in non- diabetic individuals due to built in feedback loops whereby excess ketones stimulate the release of insulin, slowing ketone body formation. Any doctor who can’t tell the difference between ketoacidosis and ketosis should not be dispensing weight loss advice. I read through the FAQ a little too quickly and had only a general understanding of the mechanism, so I gave it a try.
Sodium is an essential nutrient (5) that your cells need for proper functioning! The major thing that affects our water weights is based on sodium FLUCTUATION. Here is an excellent and easy to use online calculator that will give you exactly the numbers you need of each of the macro nutrients and gives you a rough amount of calories to shoot for. Basically, If you eat under your basal metabolic rate, you’ll see some lovely easy fat loss. Several individuals used this as a resource to state that they could ignore ketoacidosis and continue to fast without seeing a doctor. Remember that type 2 diabetes is largely CAUSED by excessive insulin levels due to excessive carb intake.
About a day or two after adjusting my carbohydrates, I remember one morning I began to see a strange black spot in the corner of my vision. It was so bad, I had to excuse myself from an important presentation to sit down and try to get it to go away.
This is like a sucker punch to your system, brace yourself and it will save you a trip to the ER! The good news is that it’s easy to do. Check out my free ebook!) Make sure you get a serving of lower carb vegetables in every day for fiber.
Don’t go crazy if you get kicked out of keto, it happens to everyone sooner or later.
I don’t believe for one minute that type 2 diabetes people need so much glucose in their daily diet. I did this for about an hour and eventually I had a slowly growing nausea along with the head-throbbing headache.

Depending on factors like weight, metabolism, exercise levels and keto experience, it can take anywhere from 1-4 days to fully begin the keto process. It’s a little harder to get since many of the primary dietary sources contain mostly carbs, but getting some extra leafy greens in is an easy way to do it.
Water and electrolytes are crucial to feel normal on keto.  OK so hopefully you understand the inherent dangers of Keto now. Keep a log on something like Myfitnesspal or google the food’s nutritional facts and record your totals every day.
Normally, people don’t need to worry about them because their food and multivitamins take care of it. In total, after about an 3 hours of headaches and nausea, I finally ended up vomiting a few times and going to the hospital. Normally I’m all for higher end sources of meat for bone broth, but not everyone has access or money for it. The moment you reach a certain threshold of carbs, you’re dropped out of keto and back to normal.
For those who cannot get good quality grassfed stuff, or are too lazy to make it, pre-made broths and bullion cubes will suffice. Of course they found nothing really wrong with me except for one simple thing: low electrolytes.
Now that I’ve scared you straight, let’s get into the details of what to eat and what not to eat!
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