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When you have a general idea of what you're looking to do, pulling together a dinner party menu is easy even if it is last minute. Hearty and warm, we adore this pasta carbonara recipe during the fall and winter alongside a veal entree.
Posted on June 14, 2012 Filed Under: Recipes, Savory, UncategorizedHow to entertain with ease and a casual summer dinner party filled with Mediterranean flavors. Does it bring to mind fancy table settings, fine china, polished silverware and perfect decorations? I’d venture to guess that most of us do and it’s this idealized notion of a perfect dinner party, the perfectly coordinated production we envision in our heads that often prevented me from enjoying my own parties and made me a reluctant hostess. But I’ve learned over the years that what makes a dinner party special has nothing to do with dishes and decorations and everything to do with how your guests feel in your home. Offering true hospitality means inviting people into your home, and saying “this evening is better because you are here with us.” Entertaining too often is equated with creating something extraordinary with the purpose of impressing. So when McCormick approached me about participating in their Longest Dinner Party Chain I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to talk about some easy ways to feel comfortable with entertaining and share with you my casual summer dinner party filled with Mediterranean flavors. Get creative with your table setting and don’t be afraid to use different plates and glasses if you don’t have a full set; its okay to mix and match. Include after dinner entertainment and play a couple rounds of games over coffee and dessert. Great dinner parties revolve around great food, of course, but great food doesn’t have to mean time consuming preparation.
Conversations start in the kitchen and move to the dinner table so let your guests help out in the kitchen if they offer. I like to set out easy appetizers like rosemary and thyme olives, nuts and cheeses for guests to nibble on before sitting down to the meal. For this party I chose to serve crisp white and rose wines to accompany the light Mediterranean-themed menu. For the main course I opted for Rosemary Parmesan Flat-Bread topped with Arugula and Shaved Parmesan and served that with a side of Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash with Cumin Yogurt Sauce. For dessert I kept it fresh and easy by serving ripe Summer Fruit with Fromage Blanc and a simple Warm Spiced Honey Sauce.
In the end, they key to easy entertaining is figuring out what works for you and taking time to enjoy the process.

Marinating olives in aromatic rosemary and thyme is the perfect way to enhance their flavor and, throughout the Mediterranean, bowls of olives are often set out as appetizers.
In a medium skillet, heat the olive oil, garlic, thyme, rosemary and lemon peel over medium-low heat for about 2 to 3 minutes until the garlic and herbs become fragrant. If you’d like to win your own Ultimate Dinner Party Package worth over $1,000, McCormick is giving one away each week on their Facebook page through the end of July. I am the daughter of Zeus- I was born from his forehead when he swallowed my pregnant mother. I think that you have just convinced me that Greek is the way to go for my next dinner party. Your round up is making me crave, and pine for Greek food, gosh where the heck is Green Town near here..
I just googled around… and it helped that my son was really into reading about the Greek gods! As long as you have some bread and olive oil you can create an easy bruschetta appetizer in seconds flat. Our orzo salad recipe is no exception and it's creamy cool taste is sure to be a hit with any dinner party guest.
Simply eat 2 plant foods for every 1 animal food and ensure you keep to a healthy portion size and you could lose up to 10lb in two weeks! Of course, we all want to impress when it comes to creating a delicious dinner party menu but there's no shame in looking for easy dinner party recipes to mean you spend less time in the kitchen - and more time with your guests! Do you worry about how clean your house is, how many courses to serve and just the right wine to serve? I kept things simple and scattered cut peonies in short glasses all round the dinner table and living room. Parts of both the flat-bread and grilled veggies can be made ahead of time and served at room temperature.
I’ll be sharing the recipes for this dinner party all throughout the next week starting today with my Rosemary and Thyme Olives.
With just a few herbs and a little citrus zest  to brighten all the flavors, you have an easy make-ahead appetizer for entertaining.  Serve with crunchy marcona almonds or any roasted nuts. Thanks heavens for blog friends ?? And your friends must be thankful for you, cos everything looks fab!

I couldn’t imagine having all that food on one night LOL How many ovens do you have anyway??
We did everything except the Phyllo tart, the eggplant dish and the butter cookies and I bought an orange sorbet . Our catering expert Andrea Correale has the easy how-to for cooking scallops at home that are delicious and fast. Pretty and unfussy, they add a pop of color to the table and don’t get in the way of conversation. Create a playlist ahead of time and start the music before the guests arrive while you are preparing the meal to get you in a good mood before the party starts.
I like to serve my main course casual family-style so everyone can share and serve themselves. It was the day of the party and Peter was instant messaging me asking how it was going and giving me tips for roasting the lamb. I remember having chard as a kid- fresh out of my aunt’s garden (grains of dirt in there and all) and was disgusted by it.
You roast the potatoes ahead of time, let them cool to room temperature, then throw them in for a quick heat & crisp while your meat is resting. I soon wound up in the kitchen with his 93 year old Greek mother who taught me a great deal about Greek cooking, and she spoke no English! Here you will find over 2,500 recipes, themed entertaining menus, cookbook and product reviews, travel adventures and more! Our vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options are clearly labelled in case you have anyone with a special diet coming round. It was flash roasted at a high heat for a short time, and then heat turned down and roasted a bit more slowly until the end.
We've selected easy make ahead recipes such as marsala and mascarpone syllabub, individual rhubarb and orange crumbles served in jam jars or a show-stopping chocolate and honeycomb torte. The fab thing about this coconut sorbet recipe is that it's so simple to make without an ice cream maker - and you can just pull it out the freezer when you need it!

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