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Get started early on your Christmas baking & sweets with this divine collection of festive goodies.
With 12 consecutive days nearing or above 100 degrees in Baltimore, I long for the temperature to drop to a frigid 90 degrees. I love no bake recipes pretty much any time of the year…but in the middle of heat waves like we had last week here in the midwest, they are more than welcome. I have independent kids who want to make dessert alone, without any supervision from me or my husband on our anniversary, which is on May 28.
I went to a Christmas party and found this beautiful plate of sweet simple candies that were shaped into rolls. Welcome to my life!Baker, author, photographer, dog enthusiast, sprinkle connoisseur, runs for cookies.

Send me to the pool and give me a margarita because this chick is NOT baking in a summer heat wave. They’re quick, easy, and will keep you from nearing insanity when the temps are cooking outside. Don’t blame you for not baking, although I love it too much to stay away from the oven for more than a couple of days.
I love baking, however, this canadian girl now lives in indonesia where ovens are not common (since they are expensive and take up so much energy).
Plus, you can break them up and use them as chocolate chunks or melt them to use as chocolate sauce in your other recipes. She molds it in any shape you want(sharks, planes, dinos ect) and then covers it with fondant.

I cannot wait to make everything on here and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for putting up this site. She wont give away her secret recipe but I cant afford driving there everytime and would love to try it out myself for my boys.

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