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Enchilada Casserole   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 25 mins Total time 35 mins   Delicious quick enchiladas in casserole form! I’m sure this enchilada casserole is amazing but what is even more amazing is your photography skills!
I have always wanted to make some granola bars from scratch but have always been afraid they wouldn’t turn out.
Melt the Chocolate chips, the peanut butter, and milk in the microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring after each 30 seconds until the ingredient are completely melted. When the weather is warm and you’d rather be out having fun than baking in a hot kitchen, you need tasty treats that you can whip up without turning on the oven.
I am so happy you stopped by Cupcakes & Kale Chips to check out what is going on in my home, my life, and especially in my kitchen! A little bit of news, though – we’re getting air conditioning installed in our house in a couple weeks!!! Ia€™m married to the coolest guy ever.We live in sunny Southern California with our four crazy boys!
I would say that out of most of the recipes, this has some of the least ingredients, and takes the shortest time to make. So anyway, if you’re hungry, need a sweet fix, craving some chocolate, try making this and storing it in the fridge in a plastic container.
Combine the oats, oat flour, vanilla extract, chia seeds, dark cocoa powder, coconut oil, maple syrup, canola oil and cacao nibs in a bowl. Stir until everything is mixed very well, then use your hands to shape them into round cookies. Put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to harden, then drizzle about a teaspoon on the cookies, you should see the oil will become somewhat white. To make it easy to prep your menu, we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite no-bake desserts from around the web. Fresh fruit and sour cream is a surprising combination, but simple and perfect, nonetheless. Chocolate-dipped strawberries may seem decadent, but they’re healthy and tasty!  A coating of dark chocolate isn’t just good—it’s good for you, and surprisingly low in calories when thinly coated around strawberries! Just when you thought you’d have to give up all the fun stuff in order to eat healthier, this scrumptious little recipe arrived.
Poached pears are such an elegant dessert, it’s easy to forget how simple they are to make. Peanut butter pie might sound (and look) too filling, but this recipe from Skinny Taste makes it surprisingly good for you with a protein boost. Pull out a mug and a microwave, and prep little four-bite chocolate cakes for everyone you know. This recipe takes lightly sweetened sparkling water, adds fresh berries, and turns it all into gorgeous cups. Use a skewer to gently press the berries down into the cups, they’ll suspend themselves in the soft jelly. Serve berry cups topped with whipped cream and enjoy this healthy addition to a list of no-bake desserts! I’m so happy to share a Healthy Weekly Meal Plan every week because they help me keep to my healthy diet and make my life easier. Make sure to click on the picture or the text link under the picture to get you to the recipe.

This ultra creamyA Broccoli Garlic Fettuccine Alfredo is so comforting, it will blow your mind that it comes together in only 20 minutes!
Crazy deliciousA Pork Fried Rice thata€™s easy, has only seven simple ingredients, takes 20 minutes or less to make and will WOW any and everyone! A light Autumn Kale & Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad infused with crispy bacon, edamame, and a surprise sweet fruit that compliments the dish perfectly.
Asparagus and Feta Quinoa Salad has hearty quinoa tossed with crisp vegetables, feta and a honey Dijon vinaigrette for a flavorful and healthy side dish or perfectly light lunch! Vanilla Almond Macaroon Granola is a blend of toasted coconut, almonds and honey that tastes like you are eating a vanilla macaroon cookie!
This Cream of Sweet Potato Apple Soup is velvety-smooth and loaded with sweet potato and apple flavors. These Chewy Chocolate Almond Cookies have the texture of a brownie and are perfect for curing that chocolate craving! Have a great week and don’t forget to stop by next Saturday for another Healthy Weekly Meal Plan!
There’s this awesome Mexican food place in Arizona where I grew up (actually, there are a few awesome ones there!) that I endlessly crave. I would say street tacos and enchiladas are probably my favorite Mexican food dishes, or as my mom would say, Spanish food. Cut your tortillas into fourths and layer those, then a layer of the meat, then canned sliced olives and then finally cheese – 3x.
I love how easy it is to mke, I agree making enchilada are very time consuming and I just don’t have the time for all that! It gets a little crazy around here, but it’s the #1 place we hear about our kids’ days! Since the sweet tooth doesn’t stop just because the mersury is rising, here are Over 25 of The Best No-Bake Dessert Recipes.
I had some left over chocolate bars in the fridge and didn’t want to make anything too overwhelming, so I decided to try and make some non-baked cookies from oatmeal and chocolate!
I do think it would go awesome with banana as well as applesauce, but sadly I had no banana at home to experiment with. Spring and summer call for healthier, fresher foods that aren’t as filling as winter’s comfort food counterparts.
The tangy touch of sour cream brings out the natural sweetness of fruits, and adds a bit of tummy-filling fat, too. Add frozen strawberries or blueberries to the mix, or stir in mini chocolate chips for a scrumptious flavor addition to this healthy treat! Perfect for spring brunches and outdoor parties, this quick recipe is remarkably easy to pull together in minutes. These watermelon frosty margaritas are vegan, so everyone can enjoy them without any guilt. With a short list of ingredients and a scrumptious final product, these coconut crack bars are a must try.
We have every meal planned out for you this week plus a side dish, breakfast, lunch and dessert recipe too.
We have so many great recipes to share with you.A Lots ofA healthy main dishes to add to your dinner list. Paired with tender broccoli florets and plenty of Parmesan makes for one impressiveA dinner!

When you’re rushed to get out the door in the morning, throw a freezer breakfast burrito in the microwave and you’re out the door with a healthy breakfast in minutes! It’s all the yummy, cheesy goodness of enchiladas but in a quick & easy casserole form! I haven’t found anything comparable here in Los Angeles, but I’m still looking!
Mexican food aka Spanish food ?Y?‰ at home that your family will gladly sit down at the table for!
Youa€™ll find her sharingA healthier, budget-friendly, family-friendly, and easy dishes withA some yummy desserts thrown in, too!
We were just talking about it was “normal” for us to sit down and eat together as a family when we were growing up and how so many kids never did that!
LOL I will be adding this delicious looking enchilada casserole to next weeks meal plan, my husband is going to love it!
This enchilada casserole is just priming the pump for me and love that it gets you out of rolling the enchilada. I had a 10 oz can in my pantry and used a little less water (to make up the 2 oz difference) from the 8 oz tomato sauce.
Here are some of my favorite recipes, and not only do they not require a stove or over, they don’t even require an ice cream maker! Well you are in luck because my friends and I have an amazing collection of no-bake desserts, from pies and parfaits to bars and bites, plus more, including a couple extra frozen treats.
I can’t stay home because my clothes are sticking to me and it makes me literally angry. I would have used some chocolate chips if I hadn’t eaten so much chocolate from the day before, which totally filled me up. Although prep is simple, plan at least three hours of fridge time to allow the berry cups to set. Make the filling, fill the tortillas with the filling, roll up, place in a dish, repeat, repeat, repeat. Also, your blog is absolutely beautiful and your pictures are so dreamy and absolutely stunning! I will update the recipe and add my casserole dish size – thank you so much for the comment!
I’ll be grilling pizzas outside for every meal and whipping up easy no bake desserts inside. Grab a spoon and dive on into these delicious and healthy no-bake treats that are simply perfect for spring! We’re lucky enough to live in Southern California where the weather is pretty moderate for most of the year.
Place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes, or just until the mixture begins to thicken slightly.

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