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Kale chips are ALL the rage these days and I am 100% on the kale chip bandwagon!  Here’s the problem, I have yet to find a bag of kale chips for less than $7.  I sort of hate to calculate how much I’ve spent on them over the past couple of years.
Most kale chips that you buy are made in a dehydrator.  I was waiting to try out a recipe until I got my dehydrator, which is on its way (thank you Buytopia!) but then I realized most people will be making them in the oven anyway, so I went ahead and did them in the oven. Kale chips are such a great snack alternative as they lack all the processed oils and icky ingredients that most mainstream chips have, but TOTALLY satisfy that craving for chips.  I mean, when can you eat a bag of chips and have got more than 100% of your daily Vitamin A and C? This recipe, adapted from Savory Simple, is great to avoid the 3pm slump as there’s a bit of protein from the tahini and nutritional yeast, and no sugar! This entry was posted in Recipes, Snacks and tagged dairy-free, gluten free, kale, recipe, snacks. Healthy Eating And LivingHealthy Eating And Living offers Corporate Wellness programs and Holistic Nutrition across Canada. You deserve to look and feel amazing, so get started with this delicious, quick & simple meal plan.
This collection of healthy kale recipes is unique: only tasty recipes that are easy to cook are listed here.

Kale Soup Not rated yetI made the kale soup and I think it's one of the best soup I ever had! When prepared in the right way, kale can also give you a fresh, fruity salad that is actually delicious! Kale is most usually eaten as a cooked vegetable but for maximum vitamin intake it is preferable to eat it un-cooked. Place the sunflower seeds in a non-stick pan and dry roast them until golden on the stove top. The salad is really sufficient for 6 people but my family like it so much we devour it between the four of us.
Kale is a lovely green and all, but straight out of the bag, it can be super rough and quite bitter. Whisk to combine well. Pour the dressing over the kale leaves and massage the dressing into the leaves.
In this recipe the dressing is added to the kale well before the other salad ingredients so it coats and softens the kale.

It is however, one of the most nutritious greens out there! Making a salad out of this veggie will give you healthy doses of vitamin A, C, K, D and calcium.
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Eating kale will give you more iron than eating beef! Further more, kale’s high nutritional value helps strengthen your immune system, helps fight off diseases and detoxifies your body! Once we make the dressing, we massage the dressing into the leave – allowing the acidity in the lemon juice to break down those stubborn kale leaves, making them softer, sweeter and actually palatable! Kale contains massive amounts of calcium and magnesium, not to mention folate, iron, potassium and carotene. It's popularity seemed to decline for a while but it is now found in various cuisines, particularly in Denmark, Sweden and in Asian stir-fries.

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