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Brendan Francis Newnam: In one of the new episodes of your show, I caught you referencing A Prairie Home Companion. Brendan Francis Newnam: When you started your stand-up, did you maybe have a wider palette of subjects you covered and then you kind of… got more blue as you moved along? Brendan Francis Newnam: Well, we have a couple of standard questions we ask the guests on our show.
Amy Schumer: When I just asked you if I could ask a question, what were you afraid I was going to ask? Sebastian Junger is probably best known for two works: his bestselling book "The Perfect Storm," later turned into a blockbuster starring George Clooney. Get our E-Newsletter!Behind-the-scenes notes and cocktail recipes – delivered weekly.
Newlywed, new mom and first-time home buyer, Sarah is currently playing out her exciting life in Phoenix, Arizona.
Throwing a fabulous dinner party doesn't have to take weeks of planning and cost hundreds of dollars. Whether you plan on having a buffet-style dinner or a sit-down meal, set the table in advance and make it beautiful. After sitting down and chatting or in between intense games of Pictionary, bring out dessert and offer your guests coffee or an after-dinner drink. If you're hosting a spooky Halloween party or a festive Halloween dinner party, you want anything but boring Halloween food.
Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers Helping your teenager plan a Halloween party, or planning a teen party for yourself?
Body Parts for a Halloween Party If you really want to make a creepy impression at a Halloween party, use body parts! 65 Halloween Party Recipes My huuuuge listing of 65 Halloween snacks, desserts, appetizers, and other dishes! Halloween Party Appetizers From the elegant and delicious Spiced Fondue in a Roasted Pumpkin to the Eerie Alien Larvae Empanadas, these Halloween appetizers are a ton of fun! Disgusting Halloween Food These truly disgusting looking Halloween foods are easy to make, taste great, and will gross out even the bravest of your guests. Halloween Finger Foods These fun Halloween finger foods are simple to make, and simple for your guests to eat.
Gross Halloween Cannibal Dinner Hosting a creepy Halloween party and looking for a cannibal themed Halloween buffet? More Gross Halloween Party Food You can never have too much nasty-looking (but great tasting) food at your Halloween party, like slimy Jello worms and slick black bat wings.
Spooky Halloween Recipe Ideas Mummies, slithering (pizza) snakes, and spooky eyes are the highlights of this fun Halloween recipe page. Easy Halloween Recipes From packaged booger dip to our cute Screamin' Cheese Man, to disgusting Maggot Stew, these easy Halloween recipes are cute, scary, and oh-so gross looking. Traditional Halloween Recipes for All Hallow's Eve Today's incarnation of Halloween looks very little like that of yesteryear.

Visitor-Submitted Creepy Halloween Recipes I'm not the only one on this site with a taste for demented Halloween recipes! Halloween Caramel Apple Recipe and Decorating Tips You can't find a many Halloween snacks more traditional than caramel apples! Halloween Popcorn Ball Recipes Nothing says Halloween quite like a crisp and chewy popcorn ball! Halloween Cakes and Desserts When it comes to decorating food for Halloween, it's with cakes and cupcakes that you can really go wild!
Halloween Party Punch Recipes These recipes for Halloween party punch taste great and look ultra festive (or ultra gross!).
Halloween Punch Recipes Here you'll find some great recipes for Halloween punches-- both alocholic and non-alocholic.
Outdoor Halloween Decor These ten tips will help you plan and set up Halloweend decorations in your yard that will keep people staring at --and a bit scared of-- your yard.
Halloween Door Decorations Your front door is the first thing that will tell your guests what your party is about.
Take a look at Easter Dinner and Party Planning for recipes, edd dye tips, assembling Easter baskets, and more! Amy also recently released a stand-up special with a title that some would say sums up her humor, though Amy begs to differ. And then God, played by the great actor Paul Giamatti, realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew with this woman. It is kind of a combination of the worst things I could possibly think of and highlighting people’s behavior and shallowness. The thing that stood out to you as the most uncomfortable would be nothing to someone else.
But of course, as a professional, you know that sex and dismemberment and other shocking things provoke a reaction. This can either be a personal fact about you or it can be an interesting fact about…. And his Oscar-nominated documentary "Restrepo." In which he tagged along with US soldiers during some of the worst fighting of the Afghanistan War.
From the moment your guests walk in the door, wow them with an inviting ambiance — and have it match your theme! Most likely, it will just cause stress, and you'll be wondering if you made it properly or if your guests like it. If the party starts to get a little dry and it's still early, whip them out to guarantee a good time. This will be a nice, unexpected treat for your guests and requires little effort on your part. Place candy in small bowls and set out chips and other snacks throughout your living and dining area. If you really want to make your Halloween party guests squeal, one of these nasty --but tasty-- recipes is bound to do it.

Our page takes you through everything you need to know to make perfect caramel apples, both with homemade caramel and with packaged caramel candies. Whether handing them out to trick or treaters or saving them for a Halloween party, we've got some great popcorn ball recipes that are always a hit. On this page, you'll find four great recipes for Halloween cookies (including two kinds of eyeballs!), plus a tons of great Halloween cookie decorating ideas with photos.
From our raspberry-lemon zombie cupcakes to our traditional graveyard cake, these recipes are made to impress.
From fun virgin Halloween punch recipes for the kids to creepy alcoholic adult cocktails, to tips on decorating a Halloween cocktail, you'll find it here. It’s some old stigma that I think is probably perpetuated just from journalists engaging it. His latest book is called Tribe." In it, he argues humans are predisposed to live in tribes and uses this theory to explain why civilians -- and especially soldiers -- have a hard time re-adjusting to modern life after war.
The next time it's your turn to play host, follow this guide for easy ways to take your dinner party from dull and boring to fun and fabulous! If your party is a sit-down, formal meal, light candles and have soft, mellow music playing in the background.
Invest in a table runner or napkin holders if you don't already have them and keep the centerpiece simple.
Go for a store-bought cheesecake, make homemade French lemon bars the day before or simply bake brownies from a box. Here you'll find everything you need to plan, from party games to Halloween themes and more. I do feel like a sexual girl, but I would say I have just as mundane a sex life as anybody you know.
If it's more of a casual evening, turn on the upbeat tunes and make sure your home is well-lit. If you know you make a mean lasagna or incredibly moist pulled pork sandwiches, go with that.
A huge, overbearing centerpiece will overcrowd the table and make it hard for your guests to talk among themselves. And he said “I loved the whole episode, but I just thought it was so mean that you had that guy’s arms eaten off by owls! With the right mood, your guests will feel relaxed and glad they came immediately upon arriving.

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