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Black icing – thinned to outlining consistency (soft peak stage), placed in a bag with a PME size 0 tip, or the smallest tip you can find. Once icing is ready and cookies are cooled you are ready to decorate the Diet Coke cookies. A good diet cookie recipe should contain less fat, less calories, and more protein than typical cookie recipes. With obesity on the rise, many people are interested in cutting out the calories and shedding the weight once and for all. In place of your typical milk chocolate morsels, consider dark chocolate, raw chocolate, or forgo the chocolate altogether for a healthier option like raisins or nuts.

Turbinado sugar, raw agave, and other natural sweeteners are great replacements for regular sugar and can significantly improve the nutrition of your diet cookie recipe.
Get some tips for converting your favorite cookie recipes, plus a sample recipe to taste how delicious diet cookies can truly be.
Soy flour, brown rice flour, and gluten-free flours are just some of the vast flour selections at your disposal.
This will significantly cut the fat in your recipe and make your cookies more heart-healthy. Some studies suggest that having reasonable treats while dieting can actually help you stick to your healthy lifestyle. Here are a few easy ways to make substitutions that cut calories and fat in your favorite cookie recipe.

Soy flour, for example, contains more protein and therefore ups the overall protein found in your cookies. This is an easy way to improve the nutrition of a cookie, even without changing anything else! Regular exercise and emotional wellness are also important to helping you lose and maintain a healthy weight.

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