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My Recipe Book is a cooking app that lets you store and organize recipes you find into one convenient location -- your iPhone or iPad.
On the iPad, you can also edit your recipes, add notes, use multiple timers, and add your own custom recipes. My Recipe Book is an excellent cooking app for those who like to discover new recipes online.
I don't understand why they limited features only to iPad; however, it does offer great functionality. The Drupal Recipe module is an easy way to add the ability to put cooking recipes on your Drupal 7 site.
Fields and ViewsThe fields used by the Recipe module are all 'Recipe module element' fields. This works great for the recipe module, but why not use 'existing' Drupal fields like the (long) text field for the Recipe content type. This would allow us edit field settings to suit the needs of a wider selection of usecases.
Because of the Recipe modules's choice to build its own fields instead of using existing fields currently there is no way to add microdata mappings to the Recipe module fields. ConclusionThe Drupal Recipe module is a great module for doing a Drupal Recipe job, but I felt we (currently) needed something more of a Drupal Recipe Feature so we could better suit our recipe needs. ChallengesThe field_collection and Fivestar modules don't have microdata field formatter support at the time I'm writing this, and the Units API and Measured Value Field don't have (stable) Drupal 7 releases. Other than that I'm not seeing huge obstacles for trying to make Drupal cooking recipes as a Feature.
Building on top of the Recipe moduleWhat we're basically doing here is rebuilding the Recipe content type and extending it by combining it with other modules (configurations).
Update 2011-11-21As of today Fivestar module's dev release has some Microdata support!! And the Relation module looks very promising. UpdateThe Physical field module looks promising, it might get support for Recipe related units too. I'm Saqib Hassan Interest in cooking recipes, i'm special cooking master on this site Food Recipe is my 3 year old website and i'm web developer. Food Recipes is one of the best Pakistani Food recipes site which provide cooking food recipes in Urdu, english and hindi. Weber’s On the Grill features 280 grill recipes which include everything from starters to desserts and marinades to rubs.
This free app contains 465 recipes with a beautiful photo of the finished product and 75 how-to videos as well as a step by step guide. Healthy Recipes lets you search more than 190,000 recipes and provides calorie and nutrient information for each recipe. Cupcake Heaven is a magazine filled with at least 101 cupcake recipes for every occasion, catering to all skill levels.

Taste of Home brings you thousands of delicious recipes featuring the season’s freshest flavors. Fine Cooking celebrates all things food, cooking and entertaining with a unique blend of inspiration and information along with triple-tested recipes, expert techniques, and test kitchen advice.
Healthy in a Hurry is a selection of 200 of EatingWell’s best and fastest recipes which you can save and share to your friends.
Punchfork helps you discover new recipes from top food sites and share them with family and friends. Recipes Madness simplifies your recipe search amongst a catalog of recipes by letting you enter the name of your recipe or a component.
Amazing Sandwiches is a hub of all things bread including sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and the like, with beautiful photos and recipes to boot. Yummy Soup lets you to easily create digital copies of all your favorite recipes (not only soup!) and share them with friends and family with professional themed prints, email, and Recipecasts, which are basically automated emails to people who have subscribed to you. Easy Thai Cooking is a free app that presents Thailand’s favorite foods without fuss and in a way that anyone can make via their step by step cooking process.
SousChef is an all in one digital cooking assistant that lets you organize recipes, find recipes based on the contents of your fridge and cook while your computer is 10 feet away from you. Global Cuisine is an interactive 3D globe which shows you food information from all over the world! Kitchen Timer and Timer by Ten times your various cooking activities for you so that you never have to deal with burnt inedible dishes.
SmartMeal calculates nutritional values such as calories, proteins and fats in your meals, so that you never have to guess whether or not you’re eating healthy or sticking to your diet.
With the new KitchenSync introduced in My Recipe Book 3.0, you can actually now store all those recipes on as many devices as you want. This makes it much easier to use your shopping list while in the grocery store or share a new recipe with your friend while out and about.
This awesome feature lets you find recipes on the popular cooking websites (epicurious, MyRecipes, CookingLight, Food Network, etc) and quickly import them into My Recipe Book. Another awesome feature of My Recipe Book is the ability to automatically convert the serving size of a recipe without having to do any of the math yourself.
Being able to quickly import recipes from all the popular cooking websites, edit them, and even add your own, makes My Recipe Book a must-have for every cook. Some may want certain fields as required, only allow certain input,  add a help text, apply custom_formatters, add Metadata mapping, etc. And the Recipe module would benefit from existing Views integration for all fields, and it could benefit from future efforts of the Measured Value Field or other modules that build on the Units API that are applicable to cooking recipes.
I'm currently working on a Recipe Feature that has all of the above: the flexibility of linking to all kinds of content (and has the option to select that content through Views), 'regular' Field and Views integration, meta optimizations and it leverages the power of the Drupal community because it uses existing Lego blocks.

This is because of the Recipe modules' inflexibility because of the 'Recipe module fields' choice. It lets you build a build a relation from recipe to ingredient (like the Reference module can), and it also lets you put fields on that relation. Chinese Food Recipes, Urdu Cooking recipes, Food recipes videos and many other recipes are our speciality. In fact, there’s too many of them that we’ve compiled a list for your reference to use the next time you attempt get down to business in the kitchen. You can browse the recipes by course, cuisine, diet considerations, ingredient, or keyword. They use real-time social data from Facebook and Twitter to rank the most popular recipes around the web and lay them out magazine style for your viewing pleasure. This app works if you’re more akin to watching video whilst you follow along in your own kitchen. You can use this app to show off your culinary prowess, document your diet or just to share happy food moments with your loved ones. You can organize recipes by categories and favorites, schedule meals via the calendar and add ingredients to your shopping list.
It asks you what you are in the mood for, and refines your search so you can cook for your mood.
Just rotate, zoom-in, spin and play around with the globe to learn about each country’s unique dishes and culinary history. A great feature of the list is that not only are the ingredients added, but the exact amount needed is also included. Simply pick a multiplier (like twice as many than the original recipe) and My Recipe Book will do the rest!
The Recipe Feature uses field_collection, references (maybe relation), microdata and metatag. Our fine Drupal community is building the Microdata module and it's way too good not to use. It has Views support including Views Relationships to the Relation (Entity) and the Ingredient node (the endpoint in this case) so you can show (and filter on) the 'amount' field(s).

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